Football Banter ⚽️⚽️⚽️ group quiz week 1

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Football Banter ⚽️⚽️⚽️ group quiz week one!! Take this weekly quiz if you're in the group football banter on Facebook. The person with the most 10 out of 10s by Xmas will be made admin

Do you have the knowledge of a Barnsley fan or should you be applying for head of the FA? Find out in this weekly quiz! Questions are made so that even the dumbest of people can get one right and even the geniuses will be challenged!

Created by: Tom Jones

  1. Name Manchester United's current manager.
  2. What team is sometimes referred to as the "toffies"?
  3. Which St. Johnstone player did Sheffield Wednesday sign in the last transfer window for 800k?
  4. Who play at St. Andrews?
  5. Who are the saddlers?
  6. Who's stadium used to be called The Dell?
  7. What club is Fernando Torres currently at?
  8. What team was Manchester United playing when Eric Cantona famously did a flying kick to a fan?
  9. What club did Chris Waddle play for in France?
  10. Special Question: what year did the Great War end?

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