Are you an american patriot

America needs patriots lets see how well you do, score good your a patriot score bad you probably are against us and need to leave the country if your in it.

Ever wonder if you are a patriot or a anti-american, well thanks to this great quiz you can find out in a matter of minutes. Answer truthfully and to the best of your knowledge

Created by: George Washington

  1. Would you die for other True-Americans?
  2. If the U.S goes to war against another nation that attacked us would you join the military?
  3. Would you have joined the rebels or the British in the revelution?
  4. Are you a conservative or a liberal
  5. Whats the constitution to you?
  6. Should vets be given respect or spit on?
  7. How old is the U.S from the Deceleration of independance
  8. Should Obama be impeached?
  9. Do you support immigration
  10. Whats your view on Israel
  11. whats you view on the second amendment
  12. whats your view on racism
  13. What do you think about anti-Americans?
  14. Are you lazy or a hard worker?
  15. You see some one about to burn a flag what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I an american patriot