Harry Potter Knowledge Test

The Harry Potter Knowledge Test was written for members at Felix Felicis Apartments though anyone can take it. It is here to test your true knowledge on the Harry Potter world. Are you full of knowledge? Or do you need a little help still? All the little facts from the Harry Potter Universe are here, so get ready to use your brain!

You can also use your computer! Many of the questions are really tough and to be sure that you get a decent result, we advise everyone who is aiming for a top score to be familiar on where to find information on the web and how to navigate those informational Harry Potter sites to find the wanted information. Cheating is allowed, but only cheat when you don't have a clue. Good luck! Note to FFA Members: The age and gender question we don't care about, feel free to fake it. It was just added by the site.

Created by: Jeremy of Felix Felicis Apartments
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  1. Which game is similar to jousting and has players attempt to knock others off their brooms?
  2. True or False: In Gobstones, when a player loses, the 'marbles' shoot liquid at the player.
  3. Obscurus Books published what famous book?
  4. How many stars are on the Beauxbatons school crest?
  5. Durmstrang Institute has how many floors?
  6. What is the incantation for a spell that will conjure a bouquet of flowers out of the end of a wand?
  7. In OoTP, what spell did Hermione cast on the Galleons?
  8. What is the opposite of Lumos?
  9. In what book did Harry use a lightening spell on his trunk?
  10. What is the young of the Hippocampus called?
  11. How many thestrals started the colonie at Hogwarts?
  12. What trading classification is there on Chimaera eggs?
  13. What is Educational Degree #27?
  14. Where does it say (in ministry regulations) that 'no non-human creature permitted a wand'?
  15. What color is the smoke in a Remembrall's neutral state?
  16. A revealer is like a:
  17. Which one of the 3 Deathly Hallows did Albus Dumbledore want most as a child?
  18. 'The Tale Of Three Brothers' is in the book:
  19. Which of the following was not a Peverell brother/descendant?
  20. What does a lunascope display?
  21. What is engraved on the mirror of Erised?
  22. How much is a Metamorph-Medal?
  23. How many secret passageways are shown on the Maurauders Map that go in and out of Hogsmeade?
  24. When did Zonko's joke shop close?
  25. Which of the four Hogwarts founders did the sorting hat originally belong to?
  26. How does one split their soul if they wish to create a Horcrux?
  27. What is the incantation to destroy a boggart?
  28. What is the incantation for the opposite of the Summoning Charm?
  29. Incarcerous is pronounced in-CAR-ser-I-ous. True or False?
  30. What spell starts a fire?
  31. Which of the 4 isn't an unforgivable curse?
  32. In the Harry Potter series, who was the first person we saw cast the Full Body Bind?
  33. In DH, how many chapters was the Shield Charm mentioned/used in?
  34. 'Protego total' was one of the spells Hermione used when setting up defenses on shelters in DH. True or False?
  35. What is the opposite of Quietus?
  36. In PoA, what happens at the end of the chapter "Snape's Grudge"?
  37. Which of the following was NOT a password to Dumbledore's office?
  38. Chocoballs are filled with clotted cream and what?
  39. Honeydukes makes their own what?
  40. Felix Felicis Apartments can be found in what town?

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