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15/Love is a Canadian-produced television series that revolves around the lives of aspiring young tennis players at the Cascadia Tennis Academy. The show was created by Karen Troubetzkoy and Derek Schreyer, and was filmed in the city of Montreal during the summer. 15/Love first aired on the television channel YTV on September 6, 2004. The main theme song for the series is "Standing All Alone" by Not By Choice.

"15/Love" is a comedy-drama about coming-of-age in a unique, high-pressure environment. The series follows a group of young hopefuls at the internationally renowned Cascadia Tennis Academy, where they live, love, laugh, fight, cry and dream their way through adolescence.Remember to watch 15 love every night at 9pm on Popgirl sky channel 626

Created by: Abi
  1. Where is 15/love filmed
  2. How long was 15/love on tv for
  3. How many seasons are there
  4. What is Squib's Real name
  5. What is the Tennis Academy Called
  6. Who is the non tennis player in all the seasons
  7. How many episodes in all of the seasons
  8. What group are the main characters in
  9. Who goes Out in season 2
  10. What is the last ever episode called

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