Warrior Cats Love Story 3

Your love finally talks to you in the waited for part 3 of this series, but he is discouraged by every little move you make in is sensitive to much.

Will you be able to win his heart? Or will one small action ruin everything? Take the part 3 to find out!

Created by: Pathbreeze
  1. This quiz will be all yours. So anyways, shall we start?
  2. ___________ (the cat you like's name) came up to you. "Is everything okay?" he asked.
  3. "I'm fine," you murmur. ____________ nuzzles you. You feel something in your stomach and wonder:
  4. What do you say to him next?
  5. If you said "Are we really more than just friends," he purrs. "Of course, mouse-brain." You:
  6. If you purred, he presses against you. You:
  7. Suddenly he asks, "Are you sure about this?" "About what?" you ask. "This whole thing . . . being with me . . ." Your reply:
  8. If you said nothing or chose "I'm not sure," he walks away with a hurt expression on his face. Either you end the quiz or skip down to where you try to follow him. Your reaction now:
  9. If you said "Of course," continue on with every question. He purrs, but suddenly, he says, "Would you . . . want kits?"
  10. If you said nothing, he walks away. If you chose Yes, continue. You eyes suddenly flicker to __________ (the tom you dislike most). __________(the cat you like most) looks at you and follows your gaze. With a growl, he walks away, saying, "Don't break his heart like you did with me." You:
  11. Cliffhanger! Keep an eye out for part 4, coming soon!

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