Hogwarts L-O-V-E Part 7

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Part 7 of these quizzes! Go check out the other ones before taking this quiz!! Thank you!!! Sorry I haven't made this quiz as quickly as the other ones, I've been waaay tooo busy!!!

Like I said, go check out the first 6 quizzes because I honestly don't feel like doing a recap. Thanks so much again, and I hope you enjoy! Remember to leave a comment when your done!

Created by: TheCreativeFox

  1. "Sorry..." Oliver said, sadly, "I know you think I am much too old for you, but listen, I-" You interrupted him with a sigh. "Oliver, there's too much going on in my life right now... I mean, you're going away much too soon, and the people that are my age...well... they'll believe that I'm not... well, into them." Oliver nodded slowly, "I...I understand."
  2. There was silence. "So... what are you really doing out here?" "I just need time to think." You say. "Without anybody in my way." "Oh." Oliver said, getting up. "Well, I'm sorry I scared you... and- er- thanks for talking to me." You nodded, and watched him disappear into the fog. Sighing, you stretched out and closed your eyes, taking in the fresh air, and feeling the cool breeze against your face.
  3. "Lupin." You gasped, and sat up quickly. But your eyes wouldn't open. "Who-who's there? What happened, why can't I see?" You demanded, trying to look as menacing as possible. "A simple curse. Now can you explain to me why you were out near the lake this morning?" "This...this morning?" You asked. "Wait... what time is it?" Realizing you must have fallen asleep last night near the lake, you quickly jumped from one question to another. "Where am I?" Silence. "Hello?" Your eyes suddenly opened. "Draco!" He frowned. "What were you dong out there?" "The question is, what am I doing here?" "I found you out there last night... you're in the Room of Requirement." "The what?" "Forget it... the thing is, you have classes in a few minutes." "Oh... um... ok... thanks for bringing me back... I guess." Draco suddenly grew a bit pink. "Oh, um, to you want me to walk you to class? I have it with you... Defense Against the Dark Arts..." You quickly nodded and ran out of the door.
  4. A quick question you called to Draco, "You called me by my last name, what was that all about?" He didn't answer. "Hey! _______!" "Hermione?" "Hey, how's your cut?" "Oh, Madame Pomfrey is a genius, she fixed it within the hour!" "Oh, good... I didn't see you last night though, where were you?" "Oh... um... I took a walk, and got back kind of late..." You suddenly realized Draco was gone, and had been replaced with Ron. "Hey, ______." "Oh... um where..." You decided to drop it. "Oh, Harry's running a bit late he couldn't find his shoe or something."
  5. You took a seat next to Ron in DADA. "I heard this guy was pretty good... he's your uncle?" "Yeah, he has a good lesson plan for today!" You weren't going to ignore Ron, but you didn't exactly feel lie the best of friends with him at the moment.
  6. The lesson was very fun, but you couldn't help looking for Draco the entire time. "Who are you looking for?" Ron asked as you waited in line to test out the boggart. "Oh, er, nobody really..." "Your turn Ron!" Professor Lupin called out. A huge spider appeared in front of Ron. You hated spiders. You couldn't help but whimper as the giant hairy beast approached. "Ron!" You urged, as he stood in fear. "Riddikulus!" "Good! _______!" You took a breath and stepped forward. Instantly, everyone disappeared. You were alone. There was no one. No boggart. Professor Lupin was gone. The lights suddenly buzzed out. "Hello? Professor Lupin?" A shadow appeared at the window. Your heart grew fast. The room began to tremble, small at first, then it grew tremendous.
  7. You were scared. What was going on? Where was everybody? Your eyes fell on the wardrobe that once held the boggart. "Riddikulus!!!" You yelled, frantically pointing your wand at the chest, the floor, the ceiling, anywhere. You desperately tried to remember what Lupin had said. Trying to remember the funniest thing in you life, you screamed, "Riddikulus!" once more, tears almost forming in the back of your eye. The room trembled with a huge ferocity, then stopped, and people began to fade back into the room. "_______? Are you alright?" Professor Lupin's face came into view. "I-I just..." You felt sick. You saw Draco amidst the crowd. He began to come toward you when Harry grabbed your hand. "________, what happened?" "Boggart, room, I-I don't want to talk about it? What happened...." "Well, you were wildly looking around the room, yelling for Professor Lupin, and screaming 'Riddikulus'." "Can I talk about it later... I need to sit..."
  8. A few weeks later after the boggart incident, everyone was talking about how great Professor Lupin was. "Hey, _______." "Oh, hey Harry. Sorry, I haven't been active much, I just have been working on that essay for Snape and-" "Oh, so I don't suppose you can go to Hogsmeade then..." You stopped. "Oh... er, sorry... I have to go...library..." You ran off, and just as you rounded the corner, you smashed into none other than Ron himself. "Ouch! Oh... sorry Ron." You looked around the corner and saw Harry shuffling in the other direction. "Hey, ________, I was wondering if we could go to Hogsmeade-" "Listen, I 'm not going with anyone to Hogsmeade, I've had..."
  9. "Oh...that's okay..." You ran, thinking about Hogsmeade. You actually wouldn't mind if Draco asked you, but you hadn't seen much of him lately. You suddenly remembered Fred and George. Where had they been?
  10. Hey that was part 7 FINALLY!!! I'm so sorry I haven't made a quiz in forever! I'll try to be better about that! ^-^ Thank you so much for taking this quiz! Make sure to leave a nice comment about what you want to seen next, and rate!!! :D Thanks and keep an eye out for part 8!

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