What Pokemon Island Guardian are you

I wanted to find out what island guardian I was but there was no quiz so I made one. This quiz will show you what guardian you are and explain why you are them.

You may want to use a guardian but may find you are not that in sync or you may find that you want to change your life as you find you don't like what you got.

Created by: Jack Moorhouse
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite out of these
  2. What color combination do you prefer
  3. How social are you
  4. All of your friends and family are gone
  5. What kind of person are you
  6. A man asks you for a pound coin (or you country equivalent)
  7. You fine a pendant with a photo in it of a family
  8. You bump into someone
  9. A man knocks on your door to talk about religion
  10. You ask for lemonade but get Fanta
  11. You come home to find your mother/farther crying
  12. Your prized plant is dying
  13. What do you have the least of

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Quiz topic: What Pokemon Island Guardian am I