Rise of the Guardian: Part 9

Hey guys, sorry if this seems really rushed... ( it was) but, I'm hoping you all will forgive me, I was just trying to get SOMETHING out. Also, make sure to read the whole thing.

Filling up space now.... Fjkxsujxsibz did f yoga toxs4icsjvsyics6iceifs6oswubz4ocr7jd59vsyjxyixsuovduicruhsyhijcs5ivd7ivgkjcyibxrij OK..... Lol, and... Done!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***Maple***I gave a small smile as Grayson came through, a ring box in his palm, and a nervous look in his eyes. He was going to ask again. " You need some help?" I asked, watching him frantically pack a large picnic basket with condiments and apple cider. " Would you try to help Abigail convince her to get ready? She's so stubborn at times." he chuckled softly, his eyes full of joy as I nodded my head. " Sir, yes, sir!" I teased, giving a salute before marching upstairs.
  2. ***Abigail***" Abigail, I don't want to wear that!" she whined in annoyance, tossing the cute peach dress I had chose for her across the room. " You need to!" I insisted, a small scoff scaring both of us. " Ditz, just put on the dress." Maple said with a flat glare, her violet eyes twinkling with joy, but she was trying to hold it back. " Fine. And don't call me ditz!"
  3. ***Angelica***About an hour later, both girls had encouraged me to go outback, my nose tingling as I took in the minty scent of pennyroyal, that gently wavered about. Letting my fingertips brush up against it, I gave a small smile. " Angelica! Come here!" I heard a voice cry. My heart racing ninety miles an hour, I took off running -- stumbling, really -- in my high-heels, making my way behind the cabin.
  4. ***Grayson***She gracefully stumbled --yes, she can stumble gracefully -- over to me, her blonde hair gently sweeping across her curved jawlines, casting a small shadow over her face. The moonlight magically danced across her face, making her blue eyes shine like the ocean. " Grayson...." " Angelica, i know I've already asked you this twice, but... Would you do the honors of being my wife?"
  5. ***Angelica***Tears leapt to my eyes as I shook my head firmly, giving a small smile as his blue eyes lit up. " Yes, Grayson, I'll marry you."
  6. ***THE END***
  7. Sorry, sorry. I know that this was REALLY short, but honestly, I didn't have much to say.
  8. So, this is not exactly the end...
  9. I'll be doing the last sequel thing ( someone please tell me what that's called) soon.
  10. So, I'll need a title, of course.
  11. And I need help picking who will be Graysons best man and the brides maids and all that stuff.
  12. Also, if you don't like Grayson, most of you don't, don't worry..... I'm probably gonna be evil soon
  13. So..... Yeah, lol till next time, I suppose.
  14. .... Filling space lol
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