The Guardian: Part 3

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Welcome to part four of this lovely little series! First off, I'd like to thank all of the people who read my stories, and those who take the time to comment on them. Your support is much appreciated!

Now, this is not important, so don't read this if you don't want to, just filling space. Lalalala Lalalala... Elmo's world.. Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street? (why? You got a hot date?)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. The closest door swung open, revealing.... Amanda and Maddie, who were staring wide eyed as they saw me kissing quite possibly, the hottest guy in school. " Angelica! There you are! Oh, hey Blaze." Amanda exclaimed, quickly tugging me away from Blaze. "Oh. Hey Amanda, Maddie." he said awkwardly, turning to give me a quick peck on the cheek. " Come on, before we end up having the entire school in the closet." he insisted with a laugh, taking my hands in his as he led me out into the hall, Maddie and Amanda squealing excitedly as he gave me a small kiss.
  2. "Angelica, you're awful quiet, what's bothering you?" Maddie asked as we all began to walk to the lunchroom, my eyes wandering over to Blaze who looked so proud to have me by his side. "Oh, nothing. Sorry, I was just off in another world I suppose." I shrugged, smiling as Blaze gently wrapped his arm around my lower waist, my head resting on his shoulder as we continued to walk. "I could believe you came from another world." he said with a wink, both girls squealing excitedly as we entered the lunchroom. All eyes were on us, small murmurs of disapproval from other guys and groans from girls who liked him. " Angelica, I have to introduce you to my friends." he insisted, pulling me across the lunchroom, leaving Amanda and Maddie all alone.
  3. "Sure." I shrugged, giving a polite smile as he took me to a table, four boys sitting there arguing over this and that, randomness, really. "Guys, I'm back." Blaze grinned, showing me off with a pleased smile as they all gave jealous looks. So that's all I am? A trophy girlfriend? I gave a small sigh, remembering this would all be over soon, I'd eventually be back in Heaven with Castiel, and everything would be fine. "Angelica, I'd like you to meet Derrek, Chad, Andy, and Cal." he introduced them, having me take a seat beside him inbetween the guys. "Nice to meet you all." I said, giving a genuine smile to show I really meant it. " Nice to meet you too." Derrek smiled, giving my hand a firm shake, leaving his hand on mine a bit longer than necessary.
  4. "Derrek, hands to yourself." Blaze warned, taking his hands off mine and pulling me closer to him, so close I was nearly sitting in his lap. "Dude, you can't go around bringing a hot chick and keep her off limits." Andy whined, Derrek giving a small snort as he nodded in agreement. " Actually, I can." he snapped, quickly leaning in and giving me a crazy kiss. A little shocked by his behavior, I didn't kiss back. This kiss wasn't meant for me, it was meant to show I was his. "Angelica, Castiel wants to talk to you for a second." Amanda interrupted, walking to the table with a chuckle. " Okay." I shrugged, standing up with a half-smile, Blaze shaking his head. " That guy from earlier? Babe, do you really have to be friends with that guy?" he asked. "Excuse me? No, I don't have to be, but I choose to. Now if you'll excuse me." I huffed. Following after Amanda.
  5. "Angelica! Atleast wait for me." he insisted, Amanda stopping me from walking, pressing her fingertips on my shoulder with a frown. Giving a reluctant sigh, I turned to face him, taking his face in my hands and giving him a quick, yet passionate kiss. "I'll be right back, Blaze. There's no need for you to have to come too." I whispered, his face reddening as he gave a nod.
  6. "Fine. Just hurry back." he sighed, allowing me to walk away with Amanda. "Oh my lord of Pancakes! Angelica! You two are so cute together!" she squealed, jumping up and down excitedly, nearly shaking me to death. "Who's cute together?" a male voice asked. "Brian! Babe, I was talking about Angelica, here, and Blaze. She's the new Guardian I was telling you about." she said in a whisper, Brian turning to look at me. " Oh my... I mean... Uhm... Erm.. Dammit... Uh." he murmured, obviously embarrassing himself. "Brian, don't make me hit you! She's Blazes girlfriend, anyway, so back off." she snarled, putting herself in front of me.
  7. " Amanda! Chill. I'm all yours." he insisted, his eyes still on me. "Yeah, yeah. Just keep telling yourself that, maybe it'll make it true." she huffed, quickly pulling me away from his sight. "Amanda, I'm sorry. It's just..." " A Guardian thing, I know. I don't blame you a bit, I blame him." she said, forcing a small smile though I could see the daggers in her eyes. " As you said yourself, I'm Blazes girlfriend." I smiled, finally arriving at Castiels table. "You're right. I'm sorry. I'm being awful, it's just... It took me forever to find a guy who would date me."she sighed, blushing as the Castiel arched a brow. "What did you do?" Zach asked, taking a seat by me and Castiel, Louis sitting beside him.
  8. " Nothing. She did nothing. It was Brian, not her." Amanda insisted, giving a small smile as I shook my head in disgust. "Amanda, honestly, it's my fault. I should have warned you to keep him away from me." I sighed, Castiel still looking confused." Brian is Amanda's boyfriend." Louis explained to him, his face relaxing as he gave a nod. "What even happened?" he asked me. " Nothing, really. He was just flirting like the.... I mean... Maybe I should change that up a little. I meant, he's just being a filthy scum bag." Amanda said, blushing as she had to monitor her words. " Oh. Amanda, it really can't be helped. She IS a you know what.... Not to mention the fact she's part.." Louis started, Castiels glare cutting him off.
  9. "I'm part what?" I asked, my brows gently knitting together as I tried to figure out what they were hiding from me. " Now's not the time for this, Angelica. Lets just worry about our plan first. Besides, your little boyfriend must be worried sick." Castiel flatly stated, tears quickly gathering in my eyes as I looked at him in shock. "Angelica.. I'm so sorry I didn't mean it like that, this English is hard to use. I'm just... Look. You and I will talk later. Can we just hurry up and get this done?" he asked, taking my hands in his as I gave a small sigh. "Fine. Let's just finish this whole stupid thing so I can get back to where I belong." I said, listening as the others agreed.
  10. "Angelica, here's the plan." Maddie said, taking a seat beside me with a smirk on her face. " You'll ask Blaze to join you at Louis's house to hang out with all of us. Now, here's where it gets good. Once you guys get there, we go ninja on him, knock him out, throw him in a closet, and... " she started, giggling as my eyes got huge. "I'm only kidding! All you have to do is tell him the truth. Don't worry, you got this." she grinned, the guys laughing as I gave her a frown.
  11. "Now shoo! He's looking over here with a frown!" Amanda said, giving me a quick shove, my arms flailing about as I tried to gain balance. Usually, as a Guardian, I was pretty graceful, but a foot quickly stepped in front of me, causing me to fall directly face first into a plate of nachos. "Auh!" I gasped, the sticky cheese oozing down my face as I turned to face Rebecca, who was cackling like the witch she was. " oh em gee! Your face!" she crowed, a hand placed on my shoulder. "Angelica! Are you okay!?" A familiar voice asked. Blaze. " Does she look fine to you?" Rebecca giggled, twirling a strand of her hair with a warm smile. "Rebecca, you vile witch. Leave her alone." he huffed, quickly pulling me away from her, taking me towards the girls restroom.
  12. "Angelica, are you going to be okay?" he asked, his face placed against the outside of the door as I was inside washing the cheese from my face. "Yes. I'll be fine!" I said through tears. Mortals. So heartless. Now I understand how Castiel feels, his strong hatrid of mortals quite obvious. "Are you crying?" he asked. "Of *sniff* of course not. I'll *sniff* be out in a second." I said, giving a gasp as he stuck his head in, both of us blushing in embarrassment. "You have no idea how embarrassing this is." he muttered, slowly walking in to comfort me. "You could have just waited. I said I'd be out in a minute." I sighed, smiling as he shook his head.
  13. "Angelica. I can't just let you cry in here by yourself. When I asked you to be my girlfriend, I vowed to never let you be on your own through any troubles you faced." he sighed softly, pulling me into a warm embrace that made me feel safe and sound. "Blaze. That's sweet, but really, you don't have to be here. I'll be out in a second." I smiled, watching his head shake again. "We go out together. Either you come now, or we stay in here and possibly get caught by a teacher." he insisted. "Fine, then. Let's go." I sighed, taking a hold of his hand, just as the restroom door swung open.
  14. "Oh my lord of pancakes! Well, um, this is embarrassing." Maddie chuckled softly, her and Amanda standing in the doorway looking just as awkward as we felt. "I just came in to check on her, nothing else." Blaze insisted, sticking his hands up in protest. "We didn't think that! Did we, Maddie? Nope! We knew you were just calming her down! Yep!" Amanda blabbered, blushing brightly as she kept nudging Maddie's arm. "Yeah... Okay then. Come on, Angelica." Blaze shrugged, taking a hold of my wrist with a smile as we carefully walked out into the hall.
  15. Amanda and Maddie quickly followed behind us, Maddie tapping my shoulder. "Did you ask him yet?" she asked, Blaze giving me a curious look. "Ask who what?" he questioned. "Oh. You haven't. Uh. Gotta run!" she squeaked, taking a hold of Maddie's arm, about to run off. "Not so fast! Tell me what you three are conspiring on." he insisted, stepping in front of them with a frown. "Uh. Well... Angelica and us were going to go to a friends house with Castiel, Maddie's bro, my cousin, and our boyfriends, and we were just seeing if you'd like to come." Amanda explained as quickly as possible. "Wait. Brian's going to be there?" I asked with a frown. "Who's Brian?" Blaze asked with a frown, Amanda giving a tight smile. "Yes, Brian will be there. He's my boyfriend." she explained.
  16. "Sure, I'd like to come." he said, giving my shoulder a comforting rub as we began to walk to class, lunchtime now over. "Okay, great! Just go with Angelica and Castiel after school." Maddie smiled, taking a hold of Amanda's arm and dragging her off to class. "Castiel? Why do we have to go with him?" Blaze asked me with a frown. "Oh come on. He's like a brother to me. I've known him ever since I was a little kid." I sighed softly, looking up into his eyes, trying to figure out why he was so against him. Sure, Castiel admitted to liking me, but he knew I was in a relationship for now. "Fine. I'll go for you, but honestly, I wouldn't go if you weren't." he huffed, giving my cheek a quick peck before going off to class.
  17. ***AFTER SCHOOL***After our classes were over, I met up with Blaze, who joined me to go find Castiel. "Where in the world could he be? Doesn't he know he's late?" Blaze grumbled, his hand gently wrapping around my wrist as I gave a shrug. "Maybe he forgot. Or maybe he.... " I started, two voices cutting me off.
  18. "Oh come on, cutie. You can't not like me." a feminine voice said. " I already told you Rebecca, my heart belongs to another girl. Leave me alone, you witch." a familiar male voice growled. Castiel! "Oh, but... Couldn't you give me just one kiss?" she pled desperately. "No way." he huffed, footsteps coming our way.
  19. "Oh. Uh, hey Angelica." Castiel mumbled, spotting me and Blaze standing there in shock. "Um. Hey." I sighed, giving a nervous smile as Blaze gave a shrug, allowing us to lead the way. " Oh. Amanda told me about that nacho thing. Rebecca is such a... Witch." Castiel huffed, studying me carefully as I gave a nod. " You two are lucky. On my first day here, when I started attending this place, she was even worse than she is now." Blaze laughed, trying to ease the awkward tension between us all. "Really? Did she used to come in her true form?" Castiel asked, making us all burst into laughter. Yeah, I think we can make this work, I thought to myself with a smile.
  20. We continued to talk the whole way to Louis's house, teasing each other and laughing when we got the chance. It was actually pretty fun, but I knew that fun would end soon. Once we got to the yellow door, I gave a small knock, Amanda opening the door with a smile. "Took you long enough!" she whined, pulling me in, the guys walking behind me with shrugs. "Angelica, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Ian." Maddie grinned, pointing over to a cute blonde, who gave me a cute smile. " Nice to meet you." I smiled politely, feeling a bit nervous about how he'd act. " Nice to meet you too." he grinned, giving a quick wink before dodging Maddie's fist. "Go sit in the corner, you jerk." she huffed, giving me a quick smile before pushing him away.
  21. "Oh, good, you're here." Louis smiled, directing us all to a big sectional couch. Taking a seat by Blaze, I gave Castiel a pleading look. "I know this is going to sound really... Weird, but... " he started, Blazes face darkening as he listened carefully. "Angelica and I are your Guardian Angels." he said
  22. "What!? This... This has to be a joke. Angelica, please tell me this is a joke!" Blaze pled, rubbing his temples as he flipped out. " I'm afraid not." I whispered, resting my hand on his shoulder as I gave a worried look. He gently looked up at me, before giving a small laugh and.....
  23. ***CLIFFHANGER***sorry!

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