Falling apart 1: Once...

Hey did I tell you who I was? Did I tell ou I was a GTQ user? Did I? I I didn't guess who I am and if you get it right...GOOD JOB! If not that's okay!

How have you all been? I am so tired! I have been at a camp for 3 days and I got 2 days off school! YAY!! well I hope you like this if not sorry about that

Created by: singin234
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  1. Alice in Wonderland, She took a wild ride and she just ended back at the start when it ended. Life isn't about the happy ending it's about the ride that gets you there. If only I-It's silly. It's nothing and don't mind me, I am just a 18 year old with a bad love life. School is a drag and my best friend just left the school. All the guys I have dated just used me to make their EX's mad. Oh my life help me! I want my ride to start...But what I forgot in this story is the {Once}
  2. I garbbed my bag and run out to the bus. I waved my hands in the air to get the bus to stop. The bus driver saw me and drove quicker away...jerk. I started running after the bus my bag hitting my back. The thunder starts. I can hear girls screaming wimps. Rain starts pouring down, it hits the ground. Then I stoped amd bent down to the ground and then the rain stopped toching me. Someone was blocking the rain, I look up and see....an old man? What about a cute guy?!?! Come on! Shocked coved everything. The old man had grey hair and brown eyes "Hello?" I said. He laughed "Well what is a pretty girl like you doing running in the rain?" He asked. Pretty? I blushed "Well the jerk bus driver saw me and drove away!! So I am running in the rain to school" I told him in rage a little. I looked ip at the sky it was still grey but a ray of sun light was shineing on me and on where else. Was I the one? Lol! Yeah right. I turn back to the man "That's it?" "Okay" "OKAY?" I almost yelled "I tell you that and all I get is an Okay?" he laughed. "It's not funny" I said but I knew it was. "Well young one let's out out of this rain" He tells me an I nod. I look behind me for the ray of light but it was one when I moved. Please not tell me I steped on gum. So me and the old man walked in the rain and then I asked "Where are we going?" the Man just said "Your see" My Forster mum & dad are going to kill me.
  3. We walked in a forest and came out the other side to see a house next to a water fall and some grass. It was amazing, I left my mouth open "It's amazing" I said and turned to the old man "Yes I know it is" We walked inside the house. It was just as pretty on the inside. Then a boy with Black hair and blue eyes. He was kind of cute. The old man looked at him amd said "Ash my dear, why are you not at school" the guy Shiged "I faked sick" "Well my, my, my, will I have to tell your mother about this" the old man aske him. Ash looked at me "We grandpa who is this?" I pressed my fingers together, I was nervous "Hi I am Crystal" I said looking at my hands. Then the guy said "Your name can't be Crystal" "Why?" me and the old man asked "Because she isn't blond" I was shocked and the old man laughed "I don't have to be blond!" I frowned at Ash and he Frowned back, the old man laughed "Crystal is staying with us" "I am?" "She is?" I really didn't want to live with an old man, Ash's mum and WOST of all Ash. The old man got me into a bed room that was amazing. Well for me any way. Grey sparking walls and roof. Purple bed, white & black pillows, white desk, Black fuzzy chair and other things. Wow. Then I looked at the desk there was a picture of a girl with Brown hair, Green/Blue & grey eyes, tall, skinny, white/Tan skin, side fringe ect. Beside her was no one, she was alone standing in the middle of the forest smiling. A guy was behind her on her left. Then there was a guy behin her on her right with a knife. ( you know Crystal right! I am going to change her name to Isabella) The girl looked like me and way too much like me! I mean that might of been me in another life!
  4. The old man came up to see me looking at the picture "Thats you in another life Isabella" He told me. I nodded and he handed me a book "Here Put down a story" The man left and I opened the book. I loved the smell of the pages. I garbbed a pen and started putting in a story {Once... There was a homeless girl named Isabella. Her eyes were mixed and her hair bown. Her mother and father left her at birth to a pair to horrible people. So she ran away and found herself living with an old man and a annoying man. The Annoying man was named Ash, his hair was black and his eyes clear ocean blue. His black hair fell into his face. Isabella didn't know why she was with these people, but she trusted them.} There was a knock at the door and I said "Come in" A lady came in. She ha long black hair and green eyes "Hello I am Ash's Mum. You can Call me May" I was waiting for a name like fire or wood or paper or something that made Ashes. I laughed at me own joke, at lest I cracked myself up. I smiled at may "Hello" She handed me a dress "Put this on" It was a blue dress. She left an I got changed into it.
  5. I looked in the mirror I looked great and I went back to my story. {Ash's mother us named May. A pretty lady, she has long black hair that went to her waist. She also has green eyes. May gave Isabella a blue dress to try on, it was old but it was something special} I smiled at my story was coming nicely and then Ash and his mother came back. She hugged me "You look great" I blushed "Thank you" Ash just looked away "I have seen better" He Sao an walked out of the room. My face dropped "Don't mind him, he Is always like this" May told me. I nodded and she left, I was about to leave the room after May but the Book had a green glow around it. I went to the book and t had written { Isabella looked like an angle In the dress. May was thinking how blessed with looks Isabella was. Ash was Said "I have seen better" Isabella's face dropped and she was thinking she didn't look good after all. Really Ash was didn't want to Amitt she looked good.} I smiled and was shocked. Maybe life was giving me a ride and I am going to take it.
  6. I walked down stairs to the old man "Well you look good my dear" I blushed "Thanks" Then May grabbed my arm "Do you want some food! I am the best cook" I nodded "Yes please" She smiled "Do you want pancakes" "Yes please" I said and sat at the bench and watched her make it. I ended up falling asleep In the middle of the day after PANCAKES!!!
  7. *DONE* Yep that's it. I won't make another really. Unless people really like it! I hope you liked it! But I will give you the last story part
  8. {An old man said to Isabella she looked good. Isabella blushed red and May made her some pancakes. But then she fell asleep} [Ouestion: will she wake up]
  9. Please comment if you want me to keep going but only if you really want this to keep going. If you could my careless don't comment okay
  10. Well I hope you liked it! Bye

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