Life As A Demigod - Part 1

Hey y'all! It's me again, back from the dead. Haha, no. But honestly, it's been like 2 years since I posted my last story, "Pick Your Poison," and I decided just to start a whole new one. I hope y'all like it! Oh, and, disclaimer, many of the monsters and places in this story are from the Percy Jackson books. All credits to Rick Riordan and rightful owners. I own nothing.

Sorry y'all didn't get to meet all of the guys, but they'll come sooner or later. Anyhow, here they are: Zephyr: Son of Hades. Black hair, brown eyes. Apathetic and sullen. Robin: Son of Poseidon. Dark brown hair, blue eyes. Bad boy stereotype with sentimental fringe. Liam: Son of Apollo. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes. Charismatic and quick to tell a joke. Ryan: Son of Athena. Brown hair and grey eyes. Very intelligent and adept at most skills.

Created by: PokeFan
  1. Your day starts out normally. You wake up to the droning sound of your alarm clock and roll over in bed, practically smashing the button to turn it off. After lying in bed a few more moments, you reluctantly pull yourself up and shuffle to the bathroom. Soon, you're showered, dressed, and prepped for your day. You live in a small house in New Jersey with your mom.
  2. "______, come down for breakfast!" your mom yells up the stairs to you. Taking one last look at yourself in the mirror, erasing any stray eyeliner marks or flyaways, you trudge downstairs and smell breakfast. Before school, your mom always went out of her way to make you a full breakfast. What did she make this morning?
  3. "Hey, mom. Morning," you say, sitting down at the small table she has set, you hurriedly eat your breakfast and glance at your phone, seeing that you're late. What an amazing way to start the day, right? You sigh, kissing your mom's cheek before grabbing your things, running out the door, "Bye, mom!" She responds quickly before you head for the bus stop, "Have a great day, honey!" Little do you know, this will be the last time you talk to your mother for quite a while.
  4. You sprint down the street towards the corner, your hoodie flying behind you as you struggle to swing your bookbag onto your shoulder. Hurrying to the end of the sidewalk, you see some other kids that ride your bus. Phew, at least you didn't miss it. You hurriedly pull out your headphones and stick them in your phone, pulling up your music. What song do you pick?
  5. While you're rocking out to whatever you choose, ( which, if you're awesome is quite possibly Kellin Quinn ) your bus pulls up to the street corner. You wait for the others before getting on, sitting in the front and shoving your bookbag under the seat. The bus driver pulls away from the curb and you're on the way to Brookedale High School ( or prison, as you call it ). Everything is normal, just like any other school day. That is, before the school bus explodes.
  6. The first thing you realize when you come to again is that everything is on fire. The bus was thrown onto its side and is smoldering on the side of the road. You carefully crawl into the aisle and see that everyone else has already escaped the bus. There is, however, one person in the back. It's not a high school student, however. It's a monster. 'Oh, I've GOT to be dreaming. Or dead. That works, too,' you think to yourself as you scramble to your feet. The creature lunges at you with massive claws and a hiss, but before it slices you to ribbons, it explodes in a cloud of yellow dust.
  7. You scream and scramble backwards before seeing someone--a boy. He seems to be about your age and is wielding a medium sized sword. He narrows his eyes, scanning for more monsters before turning towards you. He's tan with gorgeous green eyes and dirty blonde hair. He's pretty tall, and very intimidating. "Are you alright?" he asks.
  8. You widen your eyes, shaking slightly from shock and fear, nodding. What else were you supposed to do? Your school bus just exploded, you were attacked by a monster, and then saved by a mysterious stranger. That's not the scenario in which one goes, 'Ah, yeah. Guess so. Happens all the time. Not like it's a big deal.' The guy grins and sheathes his sword, taking a step towards you, "Good." You tensed, instinctively stepping away from him ( hey, he's got a sword ) and tensed, running into something. You turn and widen your eyes, seeing that it's another boy, this one a few years older than you with brown eyes and jet black hair that is flipped to the side, "Ohmigod!" The newer guy furrows his eyebrows, tilting his head, "Relax, we're not here to hurt you."
  9. The guy that saved you from the monster steps forward, giving you a reassuring smile, "It's alright. We're here to help. I'm Liam and that is Zephyr. Your name is _____, right?" You tense, wondering how 'Liam' could possibly have known your name, "H-how did you know my name?" Zephyr sighed, not much of one for chit-chat, "We've been watching you. It's our job to protect you and bring you to safety." You frown, watching them, "Safety? From what? What are you protecting me from?" Liam furrowed his eyebrows, wishing Zephyr wasn't so blunt sometimes, "Monsters like the one that just attacked you. We can explain later, but we must go now."
  10. You frown and shake your head slightly, remembering that strangers were bad, "No... I... I can't just go with some guys that I just met." Zephyr sighed, crossing his arms, "Well, it's really not up to you. It's a life and death situation that's bigger than yourself." Hearing Zephyr's words, you feel compelled that they are the truth, no matter how bizarre. You take a shaky breath and turn to Liam, the friendlier of the two, "W-well... at least tell me where I'm going." Liam nods, opening his mouth to start explaining before the whole bus shakes, the flames getting more intense. Zephyr tenses and leaps forward, grabbing you and Liam before everything goes black. Somewhere, off of a small back road in New Jersey, a school bus exploded.
  11. Well, that's all, y'all! Haha, but really. I hope you guys liked Part 1 of this series. I used to write a story called "Pick Your Poison," but after a while it crashed and burned after life and writer's block. I hope I have time to keep writing this one. Best of hopes. x:

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