Forbidden Love Part 1

There are three boys. All three like you. Do you choose Brandon? Or maybe Cody? Or Noah Parks? This love story will leave you guessing till the end. Whom do you choose, (your name here)?

I know you won't take part two, or anything, cuz this quiz is kinda crappy, but take part one at least! tell me in the comments whether or not you liked it so i can decide if i should make another one.

Created by: pielover511

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  1. You sigh and get dressed. Time for school!
  2. As you walk down the hallway, people stare at your outfit. Why? What are you wearing?
  3. A boy walks up to you. He has brown hair and light brown eyes. "hey,____!" Your opinion?(FYI his name is Noah Parks)
  4. You chat and then the bell rings. You head to Language, your first class. A boy with black hair and gold eyes jots a few words on his notebook paper and passes it to you.
  5. You read it. It says, "hey, i'm brandon miller." then it says his number. You glance at him and he winks. you...
  6. You shuffle off to science. you see a new kid. he has reddish-brown hair and gray eyes. he holds your gaze for a second, then starts reading.
  7. You go to your locker and find a note. It has a phone number on it. You call it and a boy picks up...
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