forbidden love part 6

okay this is the writer of the ~Forbidden Love~ series! i am Cheese1234. i might be using another accouunt. i dont know. im on some other computer and i didn't feel like putting in my password. i'm feeling lazy 2day.

so, this is some info on how to get to my latest quiz because it didn't show on the new quiz list. okay? sorry for the delay. i finished it a long time ago but i didn't log on 4 a month. i was doing homework.

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  1. okay now i just wanted to make this in order to explain. this IS the writer of forbidden love and i'd like to say that i'm glad you are taking this. i hope you forgive me.
  2. ok, so... i was making my quiz like a month ago and when I finished it, i posted it. normally, i wait like 3 hours until i check the comments. so, after three hours, i couldn't find it AT ALL on the new quiz list!
  3. so, i posted it like 5 times and thought that it is just a momentary typo and it'll come up soon. i was working on school stuff for the past month. when i could FINALLY log onto this again, i looked it up in the little searrch box, and it said there was no such thing!!
  4. yeah! so i posted it another five times and when i found out how to find the quiz, i posted it on the comments page of part 5.
  5. yeah, so... in case you didn't get the message on part 5, look up my username in the search box (btw... my username is cheese1234 ).
  6. so you just find my gotoquiz user account and there should be my newes post which is part 6. ok? that should be it... i think. umm... yeah!
  7. i dont know what else to put
  8. lalalalalalalalaalalalala
  9. okay please comment and rate on forbidden love part 6!
  10. thanks for being so patient. ok? bye!

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