The Mysterious School for Magical Children -Part One-

Hey guys, this is a story quiz based onhow i feel sometimes and a dream i had. I know this part may not be the most interesting ever but i promise u it will. I really do appreciate your support so let me kno if i should carry on writing plz xx i love u all lol im so happy right now ha ha

Ok so yea this may not be the best but oh well i dont kno but i really wanted to wright a story then share it somewhere but i didnt kno where btw i won't be able to comment as i dont have an account soz xx bye i want coookies enjoy x

Created by: AsheyMagic

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  1. My life was like living in hell. Lord had cursed me. I was a refugee, running from the bombs in my countrys to the safety of somewhere else. I did not know where we were going. I asked mama many times, and my dear older brother jack, but they always just turned away and started crying tears of despair. Why me? Why was it me who was chosen for this dreadful life? We were leaving tomorrow, by a rickety old rowing boat, off to the danger of the horison which stretched off for eternity.
  2. I couldn't sleep that night. Little demons of nightmares were creeping into my terrified mind, of the boat overturning and us all dying. Then something in my mind went click. It was as if someone had flicked a switch to turn off my nightmare. Lying in bed with my eyes open, tears began to stream down my rough face. All my features seamed badly shaped. My green eyes were bloodshot now. My golden hair was in a mess. I felt like i was simply a mistake, a misunderstanding in the making of the earth. I didn't belong.
  3. I woke up in a mess, half my body off the bed, with my pillow, which was actually an old rag, was on the floor. It was time to leave today. Outside, waiting for us, was the boat. We were rowin with another family of two, we were a family of three, with me, jack, and ma. Papa had died in a rowing trip. Then, i heard the unmistakable sound of a bomb. My mouth was dry. I wanted to scream, but no sound came out. All i knew was i had to run, the bomb was falling onto the beach where i was standing, unprotected, in rags. The world felt distant and far away. I was falling. The fear had the got the best of me. I blacked out.
  4. My ears were ringing when i woke up and my eyelids felt like iron. The first thing i saw was the concerned face of jack above me. "Sash are you alright?" he asked. That was when i realised we on the boat. "Im fine" i manged to say, hugging myself with my arms, trying to confort myself. Jack sat next to me and hugged me. "I love you sasha, and i just want you to know that you can always tell me if anything is wrong," he smiled, stroking my hair. Most people fight with their siblings, but me and jack had been through many terrifying things together, and we had become very close. "Jackie, ill always be here for you," i replied with tears stinging my eyes.
  5. Waves rolled all around us like demons grabbing us to take us away for a perfect afternoon snack. Foam was cast in every direction as the other family and ma rowed with all the strength their little arms would give them. It broke my heart, seeing ma like this, so strong-willed, so frail. She had been diagnosed with an illness since 2 years ago, and the docter said there was nothing he could do to help her from dying. I had lost my temper and thrown a chair across the room, just to emphasise my point that i would not let my darling mama die. I like liked to believe this was true, but all my hope was slowly but surely dieing.
  6. Sobs tumbled out of my mouth, as i criend over the body. Jack couldn't be dead. He was so young... Thats when i realised him heart was still beating. I had to get help, and fast. Thats when i spotted a colourful island on the red horison. I didn't know what, but something about that island had healing written all over it. This was my chance. I took a deep breath, and jumped into the churning waves. I swam, beating my little legs while holding jack in my arms. My battle with the waves wasn't going to end. I thought with all my mentle and physical will, but i was losing, letting jack be taken. Sweat and tears were streaming down my face, and just in time i caught jack by the hand. I swam and swam, until finally, both exausted, we found ourselves on the island.
  7. Over to my left, there was a large building, all made out of wood, but somehow it didn't seem real. The light reflected on its surface, almost make it look like a rainbow. Where i was standing right now was a beach, and as i walked, the beautiful golden sands brushed against my feet. For a moment all i wanted to do was to swim away to the safety of ma and the boat. Safety? I had a feeling this was going to be my home now. Gulping, i ran to my left.
  8. I took a breath and ran up to the door. It seemed so welcoming, so peaceful. Surely there was someone in there who knew how to cure Jack? There had to be. What would i do without jack? He was my lifeline, my hope. A pit of dread formed in my stomach.
  9. So i knocked.
  10. Hey guys, thank u so much for ur support. I don't know what i would do without u! Let me kno whether i should carry on writing as this may not be perfect as it was based on a dream i had lol soz anyways thx! Xx

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