Too Young For Love, Yeah Right (part 8)

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In this part of my story, exciting things for some of you will happen. Nathan sadly didn't get his a** kicked by your dad, wait thats a good thing. And a terrible secret about Nathan will be reveled.

This is Part Eight of my story I hope you enjoy it this part came out a lot sooner than the other few did and thats because its a weekend and I have nothing else better to do and I like writing this story so you should start reading now.

Created by: Nialler34

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  1. ***YOUR P.O.V*** The atmosphere had a weird feeling to it. It felt awkward, angry and by that it was very emotional. Nathan was too busy staring at my father to notice anything weird about me. “Get out, get out!” My father started yelling at Nathan he ran out as soon as he said that, what a real man. Adam and Dante followed him “Bye ______” Adam said “JUST GO!” Your father yelled at him. When your father was sure he left he started talking with you. “I don’t want you talking to those boys again” he said. “But dad!” you whined “I don’t want to hear it, do you understand me?” he asked “No, I don’t understand you, why can’t I hang out with them?” you asked him. “I’m your father and you will listen to me!” he yelled “I won’t” you said. “I don’t want you to be upset so you may see them as friends, but if I see you kissing another boy again you are moving back to an all girl school, now am I understood?” he explained. “Yes sir as long as I get to see them” you said. “Yes, you will” your father said. Then a doctor came in “Sorry to intrude but your daughter can go home and here are her crutches” the doctor said handing me the crutches. You finally took the blanket off your leg. Ew was it supposed to bend that way. You stood up and pain started spreading across your leg. Then you stood up with the crutches, luckily you could still walk. Then you and your father, mother walked out and got home without saying another word to each other. ***NATHAN’S P.O.V*** Oh s--- I wanted to say out loud but her father would think of me even worse then he already did. After he told me, Dante, and Adam to get out we walked to the stairs when Adam said something “So how was it?” he asked. “How was what?” I said. “The kiss, idiot” he said. “Oh, umm, umm how do I answer that, wait, you’ve kissed her before you should know” I said. “Umm dudes” Dante said. I forgot that Dante hasn’t kissed her yet well he may never. Then we walked out the doors of the building. “Oh Dante sorry” Adam said. “Well bye guys see you at school tomorrow” I said. They both said bye we all walked home.
  2. ***YOUR P.O.V*** When we got home that night my father said to me “Your grounded for a week” “Okay dad” you said and went straight to your room. When you woke the next morning you got ready and Marie was waiting outside for you. It was hard walking to school in crutches. “You okay?” Marie asked you. “Yeah doctor said I’ll only wear it for at least a week or maybe two” you replied “Oh thats good” she said “Yeah, its brilliant” you said. When you got to school you could see Adam, Dante and Nathan playing football, they didn’t notice you yet. Ethan and Nick were waiting for you to though. They looked sad. “Why the long faces?” she asked. “I’m moving to a different Middle School” Ethan said while pouting. “Oh I’m so sorry” Marie said hugging Ethan. “That must be sad we will all miss you” you said to him then hugged him trying very hard not to fall with your crutches. Then you saw Adam, Dante and Nathan standing in a group, you decided to see what they were talking about.
  3. When you got to them they were all smiling about something “Hi hi hi” you said. “Hi, _____ hows it going?” Dante asked. “Umm good besides trying to get around in these crutches” you said with a smile. “Oh look Adam they need two more people to play football why don’t we join them” Dante said. Dante said that like when you are acting but your doing it terribly. “Oh they only need two people, sorry Nathan its just me and Dante” Adam said in that same voice. Nathan was laughing to himself the whole time they were fake acting. “Well we should get going then, sorry for the inconvenience Nathan” Dante said with his fake acting. “Oh its ok” Nathan said joining in. They both left. You gave Nathan that weird look like, what the heck was that about? “So have you decided on your answer for that question” Nathan said not fake acting anymore. “What question?” you said knowing what the question was you just wanted him to say it again. “Do you _____, want to go out with me?" he asked once again. You stared at him for a moment and took the question into long consideration “Yes” you said. “Yes?” he said “Yes, I said yes” you said.
  4. The day went by simply as any other would. You went to the doctor that night and he said he would take of the cast and crutches somehow is healed over night like magic. Then next day were excited about because you would see Nathan again. When Marie came to your house that day she seemed mad. “Why didn’t you talk to me, Ethan or Nick yesterday?” she asked “I was umm busy” you replied “Oh busy doing what being a sl*t again, just because your friends again with the guys mean you just leave us!” she yelled. You haven’t told her about you and Nathan yet. “Umm umm” you said “Just forget it!” she yelled and sped off ahead of you. When you got to school you saw that Marie was talking to Ethan and Nick already. Probably saying bad stuff about you. Well you weren’t going to let Marie’s rumors bring you down. When you got there Nathan stopped playing football. He was walking towards you with a cute smile. “Hey beautiful” he said. “Hi” you said. Then you two hugged and he gave you gentle kiss on the cheek. “So how are you” you asked him. He was looking behind you staring at something. “Oh, good and you?” he answered and replied, but his eyes suddenly got wide then he started shaking his head. “Oh umm just fine” you said. Nathan was still looking behind you watching something so you decided to turn around and see what he was looking at. When you turned around you saw a bunch of the guys he played football with telling him to do something which included Adam and Dante. When they saw you looking at them they turned around and started laughing. “What were they saying?” you asked suspiciously “Oh nothing interesting” he replied.
  5. “Okay then, you told all of them about us?” you asked “Umm yeah technically well I told Adam and Dante then they told Alex, the other Alex, Cole, Zach and Gabe” he explained. “Oh, as long as they don’t tell that ‘it’ people” you said. “Who?” Nathan said. “The ‘it’ people meaning the popular girls or the girls who think they are all that” you said. “Oh well they are friends with the ‘it’ people so I wouldn’t count on it” Nathan said. “Well as long as I’m with you” you said. He got closer to you then kissed you lightly on the lips. “NO P.D.A!” a random teacher yelled. (if you didn’t know P.D.A stands for Public Display of Affection) Then soon a few people were staring at you and Nathan but some didn’t pay any attention at all. The bell rang for first period. “See you later” you said then gave Nathan a hug “Bye” he said and then you both left for first period. When you were walking in the hallway Ethan walked up to you “Hey” he said. “Hi” you said giving a small smile. “You and Nathan, huh” he said “Yeah and how did you find out” you asked. “Oh a teacher yelling no PDA is a dead give away” he said “Oh that teacher was stupid” you said then somebody behind you yelled “Hey!” you turned around to see that same teacher following you. “Detention young lady during lunch” she said “Okayyyy” you said. “See what I mean” you said continuing your conversation with Ethan. “Yeah I see, well peace” he said then left to his first period.
  6. When you got to your first period it was a catch up on your other school work or talk to people day. “So you and Nathan” Adam said raising his eyebrows. “Yep me and Nathan” you replied. “Cool, cool and your dad won’t yell at him again” Adam said smiling. “Possibly but he doesn’t need to know” you said. “Secret relationship, sneaky” he said a weird way. “Shut up” you said gently hitting his shoulder. “Everybody is listening to our conversation” Adam said whispering. Then it turns out he was telling the truth. Everybody was silent working on other work while you and Adam were talking. You waved your hand at them and mouthed hi. “This must be awkward for you” Adam whispered copying what you did. “Yeah it kinda is, how did you know?” you asked. “I took a wild guess” *Loud ringing* “What is that!” the devil yelled. “Fire alarm!” the teacher yelled. “Is it a drill?” Adam asked. “No I didn’t hear about it, now do what your supposed to do and go outside!” she yelled. Then we all calmly walked out the door regularly. When everybody finally got outside it turns out that somebody had pulled the fire alarm thing and they would be in trouble. So we went back to class again. You looked at the clock, 5 minutes till you had to go.
  7. The 2nd and 3rd periods when by really fast it was boring but not that boring. You had detention which meant you couldn’t eat lunch with Nathan. Nothing much happened you just sat there until the 4th period bell rang. Then after what seemed like forever it did ring. Time for Gym yay.
  8. When you got into the girls locker room the lady teacher said “_____, get your uniform on we are doing the obstacle course today in the football field” you gave her a weird look “But the doctor said I can’t participate for a week because of my medical injuries” you said. “I don’t care what the stupid doctor says your doing it!” she yelled. So you slowly changed into your Gym uniform. When you got into the football field the obstacles looked impossible. There were hurdles and the worst was rope climbing at the end. When the guys got to the obstacle course people two people at a time were starting. Then Dante looked at you and said “I thought you couldn’t participate in Gym for awhile” he said with a confused look. “I thought so too but apparently I have too” you said sadly. “Oh well I have to go next good luck” he said. Then when you got up to the starting line the male Gym teacher looked at you with a weird look. “Mrs [_____] I thought you weren’t able to participate in the activities” he said. “But she said I have too” you said pointing to the lady teacher. “I said no such thing” she said. “Yes you did!” you yelled. “[_____] please don’t argue with me just go sit down on the bleachers” then as you walked over there. You watched Dante do the course. He tripped over the hurdles and fell over but no damage was done just a simple scrape on the leg. Then when he finished he sat next to you on the bleachers.
  9. “That teachers a b*tch ain’t she” Dante said. “Yeah a big one” you said. Then you both started laughing. “You ok that was a nice fall on the hurdles” you asked Dante. He showed you his leg “Ouch” you said. There was some blood oozing down but not a lot. “Its ok, not as serious as dislocating it” he said with a smile. “Ha ha ha” you said. “Hey so you and Nathan are together right?” he asked. “Yeah I’ve been asked that a lot today” you said. “Sorry, I just wanted to confirm Nathan can be a liar at times” Dante said. “What does that mean?” you said being intrigued. “He hasn’t told you about his parents yet?” he said with a confused look. “Yeah they are in Vegas” you said. “No they aren’t” he said. “Wait, then where are they?” you asked. “Well its a long story, but kinda short” he said. “Well I still want to know” you said. “Well, he was born on accident” Dante said in a mysterious way. “Accident?” you said. “Yeah an accident, can I finish the story without any interruptions” he said. “Umm yeah sorry.” you said letting him finish.
  10. “Yeah his mom is a total sl*ut not trying to be rude. You can probably guess she got carried away one night with his dad and then his mom had him. His grandpa from his moms side in a millionaire and when he found out the horrible choice his mom made in her career, he was devastated. Then one day he got so mad at his mom he kicked her out of his house. Then to make some extra money she did some pretty nasty stuff. But I don’t want to get into detail. His dad is a filthy drunk. Once again not trying to be rude. After his mom had him she tried giving him away for adoption but his grandpa decided to take him into his custody. Then as Nathan grew up his grandma passed away in a car accident. His grandfather went into depression and decided that Nathan was just a horrible memory. So since he was a millionaire he bought Nathan a house of his own. His grandfather rarely visits him. He only comes when necessary like if Nathan gets in legal trouble or something at school happened. Thats why we always go to his house whenever we meet up so nobody will interrupt. You understand it now?” he asked you. “Yeah I understand a lot of it now” you said.
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