Forever and Always pt.17

Hey guys! Sorry I took forever to get this out it's cuz I've been really REALLY busy with my summer, and I just came back from a party which was AWESOME! But anywho back to the story hopefully you guys Enjoy!:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate. Cam: A bit taller then you, jet black hair, exotic green eyes(Sometimes glow) natural red lips, and you can't quite label him:)

Created by: 33iZZy18
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  1. Okay Recap: Jason got stabbed, you think Cam is on the bad people's side, and the last sentence was "Like I said before a normal person would start off by saying Hello or Hi but then again you never mentioned that you were normal." He looks at you and smiles again "And neither did I."
  2. He looks at your neck "Nice necklace." He says taking another drag of his cigarette. You remember you still have the necklace and you tuck it under your shirt. You shoot him the death glare you could feel a few rocks coming at your finger tips and them on fire. You take the chance and throw it at him. But the rocks just disappear before it hits him. You're confused. He chuckles and shakes his head, "That won't work." You stand there completely still in frustration and because your scarred. "How could you Cam..." You say as you look up at him. "How could you do that?" He throws the cigarette out the window. "Depends on what you think I did."
  3. You hear Jason groan in pain, and say your name. You turn around and see him just slightly moving his head you walk towards him and he's laying on his stomack and you see a giant stiched up scar where he was stabbed. You look at it and and gently brush your fingers against it. "What did you do to him?" You ask as you look up at Cam. "I'm not killing him if thats what you're thinking. I practicaly saved his life." You wonder why Cam would do that... save Jason. He could've just ditched him at the hospital or something, but no he brought the both of you here.
  4. You look down at Jason and look at his face, he looks so peaceful and innocent. You look at his features, he has pale flaw-less skin, hot pink perfect full lips, really dark hair. And you wish his eyes were open so you can look into his trusting soft gre-You cut yourself off and look up at Cam and look at him at his face features and you look back down at Jason and they look kinda the same... kinda like-Brothers. You knew Jason mentioned having a older brother but... CAM!!!??? You look up at Cam and he looks back at you. "Y-you're brothers." He smiles crookedly. "Hmmm so Jason was decent enough to mention me." He says walking towards you but stands 3 feet away from you. You look back at Jason's face then back at his scar and see that it's almost healed. "Who are you?" He looks at you and smiles again "Better question is-" He looks at you in the eyes, "What am I?"
  5. You stand there completly still you see Jason open his eyes and try to sit up. "Love to chat but it looks like I have to go." He says walking towards the balcony. "What are you?" You say before he leaves. He looks at you sideways. "Thats a story for another time." A shadow covers him and he's gone.
  6. You hear Jason get up but not move. "Jason." You say turning toeards him. He's looking down at his shoes, "I know you have alot of questions and I have most of the answers but right now I LITTERALY can't tell you." You have many questions that need answers and you know he's exhausted, so you just nod "I understand, theres a time and place for evereything..."
  7. **CHRIS'S P.O.V** Nick got really worried when he found out they haven't got home yet. He says to just wait for them But I CAN'T JUST STAND HERE WHILE SOMETHING IS HAPPENNING TO _____! "Nick we seriously have to do something!" "Chris I know you have a feeling something is wrong but you seriously need to chill we all know Jason won't let anything happen." "Yes I know but sadly my gut is never wrong!" Then we here someone walk in through the front door, we all run towards it. And see Jason with his shirt off and ____ looking as pale as a ghost looking really frustrated. I couldn't help it but to hug her and twril her around she's cold, but I could feel her feel instantly warm, I continue hugging her I seriously don't care if the guys are watching. "Where were you? I was really worried..." I say looking down into her ____ eyes. She just looksa down at her hands. "I'm really tired we should all sleep."
  8. **CAM'S P.OV** I made it to the graveyard, I feel awful for leaving ____ like that but if I tell her now it'll just make her go insane. "So you did develop feelings for the girl." HE said. "Why would you do such a stupid thing, when you know how it ends? She'll just parish like the others." I know what he means. "And what happend after Lillith? I thought you could never love again.." I get stiff at her name. "But she's different she's smart and has help." HE stands in front of me, "If she does pass... well, you know what you have to do."
  9. CLIFFHANGER!! I know guys Im so sorry it had to end there! But anywho sorry I took so long been very busy lately and.... other stuff. But at least it got done right? And I know I know many many questions about Cam which I won't tell:$ So, comment, rate, or whatever:)
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