Forever and Always pt.14

Hey guys welcome to Part 14 of my Forever and Always series! Ugh I know it's been forever and also Firey_soul: Yes, Im talking to you, Get part 3 out now! and I know something IS going to happen in the next part I could smell it!

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate. Cam: A bit taller then you, jet black hair, exotic green eyes(Sometimes glow) natural red lips, and you can't quite label him:)

Created by: 33iZZy18
  1. When you got home it was 3 in the morning and the guys were knocked out. Before you went to your room Nick gave you one small sweet good night kiss. You went to sleep smiling to yourself. Beofre you dozed off you thought to yourself 'Such a perfect night.' Then you fell right to sleep. *DREAM MODE* You were at what seems like a young boys room, Then you look around and see a small boy probually 11 years old standing in front of a mirrior, it's a younger version of Nick. You know it's Nick cuz you notice the beautiful violet eyes. You accedently drop a small toy. Small Nick looks in your direction but it seems that he can't see you. "Sarah, is that you?" he asks looking everywhere, but no one is there, then out of no where a girl, probually the age of 17, with the same dark brown hair and violet eyes as Nick steps out and runs to him. He hugs the girl. "Where have you been Sarah? I was getting really scarred." He says while still hugging her. "I've been to alot of places Nick, but I never forgot about you." He starts to tear up. "Why wern't you here to protect me? Dad keeps hurting me." He says crying even more. She brings his face to meet her at eye level. "Hey it's okay, I think dad will get better soon just watch." All the sudden theres a flash of light then you're at a cemetary. Nick is still the same age and sitting in front of a tombstone, you walk closer to the tombstone and it says "Sarah Kingly 1991-2009 Greateast big sister in the world." Nick was just staring at it he didn't seem sad but more like wiating for someone. "Nick!" Someone shouts from behond him, you both turn around and it's "Sarah!" Then you wake up, breathing really hard and you're sweating really bad. It's only 6 in the morning and baby blue outside. Your taking deep breaths to calm yourself.
  2. You get up to get a glass of water cuz you're super thirsty. You make your way to the kitchen and the floor is freezing cuz you're bare foot. But you really want wateer so try to be brave and run and keep putting your feet up and down as you get the water, then when you get your water you run to back to your room and get into your forver warm blankets. As you drink the water you look around your room and see a 5 foot telescope standing in front of your large covered up window. 'I remeber Jason put it there for some reason... it can't remeber.' you try to remeber why he put it there but you just can't. You open the window and just stare at the breathtaking veiw. You look throuhg the telescope and just wander around with it, then you look at the building right in front of you. Then you look at the 5th floor the 3rd window to the left. Then a pair of black eyes look into the telescope staring directly at you, you scream and stumble backwards. Now you remember... You're being followed.
  3. You want to talk to someone about the strange dreams you're having before training starts. The only person that keeps popping into your head is Jason. He's the closet thing you got to a best friend in forever. You drink the rest of your water and walk to Jasons room. You knock but he doesn't answer. You open the door and find him sleeping in shorts, he might be a bit pale but you gotta admit... he gots a nice body. You lay down next to him on the bed and just look at his face. He looks so innocent but it kinda makes you sad that you can't look into his soft green eyes, it's as if every time you look at them they say that you can trust him with anything and makes you feel all fuzy inside. He's always been there for you and he's never mad always looks calm. You wonder if you'll be fustrated with him cuz he's never mad at you, but then again he always says the right words to make you feel like happy when you're feeling down. He starts mumbleing something, then you hear it he saying your name just whispering it. You smile. He all the sudden opens his eyes, he smiles too. "What a great veiw to wake up to." He says. "Jason I need to talk to you." He face becomes serious and he sits up. "About what?" You get up too. "I've been having some really weird dreams lately..." You say playing with your hands. "Tell me." Then you tell him everything about the first dream and also the recent one too. Once you said it you felt relaxed and peaceful. "Wow those are pretty weird dreams, For now I have no idea what to say but eventually we'll find out what it means." You feel better. "Okay." Then Jason gets up and holds out his hand to you, "C'mon, go get ready Training with Nick starts in about an hour."
  4. You go to your room and decide to take a shower, when you're done taking a shower, you slip on a Escape the Fate Band tee and some regular skinny jeans and your converse. When your done you walk to the kitchen to get some cereal, When your done pouring Nick walks in and when he sees you, he smiles. "Good morning beautiful." He says while sitting next to you. You smile remembering last night. "Hey, Nick." "You ready for training today." He says while pouring himself some cereal. "Yep, super ready." Then all the sudden Alex runs into the kitchen and hides behind you. "Alex, whats wrong?" Then he keeps looking at the door. "1....2.....Thre-""AHHHHH!!!!!" Then Chris runs in and he has blue paint covering his face and in big black letters on his forhead reads "PROPERTY OF ALEX", Then he looks at you and Nick and says. "Alex, I know you're right behind _____." Then he starts walking to you then you feel yourself being picked up from your waist and you feel like a little girl. He's holding you in mid-air using you as sheild. "Alex! Put me down! Don't drag me in the middle of this!" Then he drops you but luckily you land on your feet then he runs to the bathroom and locks it.
  5. Chris slowely walks to the bathroom. "Alex, come out." He says while leaning on the door. "No, cuz you're gonna hurt me!" Alex says. "Im not going to hurt you, I just want to talk." Then Alex opens the door. "Really?" Then Chris frowns "No." Then before Alex can close the door Chris drags him out and holds him against the wall. "Say sorry." He says calmly. "No." Then he pushes Alex to the ground and is on top of him casually leaning on him. "Say sorry." You could see Alex is in pain. "Never!" Then Chris pokes his shoulder really hard then he gets off Alex then he trys to get up but his arm is acting weird, it looks like it's working. "Whats up with my beautiful arm?!" He says to Chris. "Lets just say it's tempuarly out of service."
  6. *FASTFOWARD* Nick is taking you to go training and the both of you are just arriving to your destenation. You look around and it's the middle of the day, You park at a rocky/grassy desserted plain. You look around and do a duck face. "Not what I was expecting but okay." You say to yourself. Nick opens the door for you and leads to the middle of the feild. "So, what are we learning today?" You ask him as you look around. He smiles. "We're going to learn two things frist how to make rock armer and how to throw a boulder." You think about it for a minute. "Show me." Then he walks about 5 feet from you and starts taking off his shoes. "What are you doing?" You say confused. "It works better if you take off your shoes." You just stay quiet to see if he was right. He stomps his foot on the ground and all the sudden a huge boulder is floating right in front of him, then he spin kicks the giant boulder to the front and it goes atleast 1 mile from where he's standing.
  7. "Whoa, how did you do that?" You say amazed. He smiles, "It's actually a bit easier then it looks." *FAST FOWARD* You learn how to kick the rock and also learn how to do body armor, after a while Nick looks a bit bored. "I'm bored... can we do something else?" He says to you while sitting down. You're actually having alot of fun but you don't want to bore him. You walk behind him, "Tag! You're it!" then you start running away. You look back and see him jump head first into the ground as if he were just diving into a swimming pool. You get scarred and stop running. "Nick?" You look around and you really start getting scarred. "Nick! You're starting to freak me out!" Then all the sudden you feel someone lift you inot the air. You scream at the top of your lungs and the figure thats holding is Nick. He smiling at you. You punch his arm then you hug him. "You have a good arm." "You scarred the crap out of me!" You scream, while continueing to hug him. Then he puts his fingers under your chin and says. "Sorry." You're still in his arms then he kisses you, and you kiss him back. It's like the night before he starts kissing you sently with pecks then it becomes more passionnate and desperate. He leans you down on his knee and is still holding on to you. The both of you lay in the grass and make out for 3 minutes.
  8. *FAST FOWARD* The both of you get home smiling like idiots. When you get home you decide to take a shower, before you walk into your room Jason stops you. "Hey, _____ remember our little "mission" we have in little bit?" He says to you, "Oh yeeaa, let me please just take a quick shower cuz Im covered in dirt, and feel dirty." "Okay, but I'll be waiting for you by the door." He leaves and you go back to your room to shower.
  9. When you're done taking a shower you decide to just let your hair air-dry. When your walking down the hall you pass by Alex's room and see him staring into the mirrior. You stand next to him and also look at him through the reflection. "Sometimes I look in the mirrior and wonder... how the f--- did I ever become this sexy?" He says smiling, you laugh too. "You're so conseided." Then you leave. The rest of the guys are playing MW3. 'Hmmm maybe they won't notice, me and Jason leaving.' You spot Jason next to the door, he opens the door for you and the both of you slip out the door, without anyone noticing.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! Guys I know it's been forever, but I was so busy and I was littlerally in heaven at the beach, cuz my guy friends. But oh well had to leave and get this part done! I have a feeling Nick is going to be one of your guys's favorite now, and Jason Fans your time has come! And Chris fans I'm planning on something soon! And Cam... well, you'll see:)

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