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  • Guys seriously just cuz Cam smokes? Will it doesn't him smell bad and he won't because he's im-omg I was about to give it away *Releif sigh* and just to tell you he always smells like green apples... should I put how they smell now O.o

    @ivoryleaf: Im not gonna give away the answers that soon:) Just to make you guys suffer>:)

    @Firey _Soul: Yes I know very confusing... but don't worry Im taking a break from my friends to do this!:D

    @Daughte rOfApollo: I know I know you guys don't get it but dude if you re-read the whole series you'll understand whats happenning...

    @s colionophobia: I seriously can't beleive nobody noticed how they looked alike... But anywho at least everyone knows right? Lol XD anyways Part 18 will come soon:D

  • lol and as always I forgot to comment *smacks head on desk repeatedly* any ways where was I oh yeah um great job can't wait for the next one cam is awesomely anoyingly mystyrius and I feel so stupid for not realizing how much they look alike but then again I don't pay alot of atention to the descriptions just kinda oh and I hope the next one is soon. wow I do my best comments whith head injurys lol.

  • i like how mysterious cam is and if cam didnt smoke it would be better. i guess you put it there for his mysteriousness

    and i NEED answers from jason and cam.. i never even noticed that before.. how their looks looks alot alike. i guess i need to pay more attention to the story

    i cant wait for part 18 NOW!!!

  • I just realized I have a Lilith too who broke a heart ^-^ I lurv Cam now XD But he should stop smoking. Like now. -.- Now lemme get the answers out of Jason about his brother Cam.

  • PASS WHAT?! AND DO WHAT?! I still don't like Cam and just the fact that he smokes makes me don't like him even more :D.

    Awesome part btw, make he next one soon :D.

  • C'mon, guys! JUST ANSWER ME! I'm so confuzzled. D: *chants* PART 18!!!! PART 18!!!! PART 18!!!! PART 18!!!!

  • Duuude! Awesome! NEXT ONE NOW! And... well... I'm not sooo for Chris! Screw that meanie face Cam!!!

  • Chill guys, he just smokes lol... I'm so glad Jason is ok :D PART 18 QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *now oops :P


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