Never Forgotten Part 6

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You left off tripping when you were running in fear... looking at your arm just sitting there unnaturally... screaming....

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  1. something covered my face. I struggled but soon blacked out from exhaustion and pain.
  2. I woke up to a black and gold ceiling. I looked around and the walls were hidden in shadow. I was in a black bed with a gold bed frame. The air smelled of vanilla. I found myself in a silky baby blue robe. My arm was wrapped in bandages. I sat up and ahead of me I heard clattering. I looked and could barely make out a man. His pants were black and he didn't have a shirt. I think there's a tattoo and his back. He turned and approached me holding a silver platter with a kettle, a cup, and soup. His eyes were a deep brown, same as his hair. He had a large tribal like tattoo on his chest and arm. His face was hardened and without emotion. He handed me the tray, "Eat." I looked at it suspicious. "There is nothing harmful in this, I have strict instructions to treat you like a goddess." He then turned on his heels saying, "The maids will be in the moment your finished." He left through what I assumed was a door, hearing clicks of a lock... or two.
  3. Three maids came in looking exactly the same. They were extremely tall and had short white hair. The only difference was that the had different eye colors, red, blue and yellow. "Dani." said red eyes. "Fannie." chirped yellow eyes. "Annie, and I'm your chief maid, we are triplets so do not be surprised. Out parents decided to make it all that more difficult with our names." blue eyes smiled. "Come here, we must dress you to meet The Queen." Fannie said, her arm reached out waiting to take my hand. I left my bed and took it. They lead me to a closet lined with dresses. "I will do your hair, Fannie your face, and Annie your accessories. You may choose whatever dress you like." Dani said. I chose...
  4. I took a breathe, looking at my three maids. They each looked proud of their work. I followed them to the door, Annie took a key from her cleavage, it was very detailed, it looked like a grim reaper.... She unlocked three locks, each time the key transformed to a different shape to fit the lock. The whole time a grim reaper. Annie opened the door for me and I entered a hallway that looked much like a dungeon. I looked to my left, a large griffon stood there. His feathers a deep brown and his eyes a glowing yellow. He turned and started walking the other way. "Follow him." Fannie said to me pointing. Nervously, I did as she told.
  5. He lead me up several staircases. I soon realized I was in some tower of a castle. He lead me all the way to the top. He walked into a large room, but I stopped. I couldn't do it, I was too nervous. I lifted my hands and watched them as they slightly shook. I stood there a minute when a large strong hand took mine. I looked up and saw the man I first saw here. This time with a shirt. He lead me into the room. In the corner stood the griffon, but he wasn't the captivating sight. In the center of the room stood a woman so pale she was nearly paper white. She wore a long black dress with a long tail. Her hair long and black. On top of her head there was a black skull headdress. Her nails were long and pointed, she smiled and she had teeth like a vampire. Her eyes were so light of blue you could barely make a difference with the white. She was frightening.
  6. "Thank you brother for bringing our guests." 'BROTHER? They look nothing alike!' I was so surprised. He nodded in her direction and stood next to the griffon. "Welcome ______! I'm so pleased to be in your presence." Her voice sent a shiver down my spine. "I am looking to merely..." she paused a moment, "save Tivanta. There are eight that you have already met that plan to fool you, trick you into harming this beautiful home realm. I merely wish to stop that, but this means we must work together. Come and sit, eat! My treat!" She smiled at me and gestured at a large chair. I walked over, and almost pulled back the chair to sit when she gasped, "Trace! where are the maids! She shouldn't have to do anything of that sort!" She looked angrily at her brother. "I'm sorry, I assumed you wanted this time alone with her, no maids. I will send for them." The griffon stood and disappeared from the doorway. Soon after Annie, Fannie, and Dani were shoved through the door. The three of them looked extremely scared. Dani pulled the seat back for me and I sat down looking at her confused, but she wouldn't make eye contact. I looked at the woman. "I apologize for that my dear." She glared at my maids, they quickly left the room. "Now we may feast!"
  7. I ate silently, so did the queen. She watched me the whole time. "Now, _______, I figure you've already heard servants refer to me as The Queen. That is what they must call me, but as for you, you may call me Stephanie! Or Steph for short." She smiled at me and continued, "You must be tired, so Trace will take you back to your room so you may rest." Stephanie then left the room. Trace pulled back my chair for me and lead me from the room. We took the same route we took when I first came up. This meant looots of stairs. Near the bottom of the stairs I tripped. I gasped and braced myself for the hard ground but felt myself being caught in strong arms. I looked up at Trace and for a split second I could see his hard emotionless face break into concern. But just a split second. He then put me back on my feet, "Be careful next time. I might not be there to save you from breaking your skull." I looked down embarrassed. We finally reached my room and found the three girls waiting for me. He left me with them.
  8. I waited for Trace to leave before I fell into their arms. "That was so scary!" I said burrowing my face into Annie. She looked at me with a kind expression. "Come sit, we have much to explain." Dani said preparing a comfy spot on the bed for me. I did as she told me and I waited. Annie began, "Stephanie and Trace are both human. The only other humans in Tivanta other than you. They were super close as children, their parents were rich business people. They soon learned that they'd barely see their parents, and resented them for it. Stephanie is a year younger than Trace, Trace has always been super protective of her. They were young teens when their whole world changed. A sorceress had invented a potion that could transfer her from realm to realm. The Guardians know nothing of this, still believing they are the only ones with the ability. The sorceress went to your realm searching for an apprentice to teach her evil ways. She found Stephanie. Stephanie latched onto this magical woman without Trace knowing. She trained Stephanie enough to bring her back to Tivanta, Stephanie's only condition was that she could bring Trace. This was granted. No one knows how Trace took it, but he's always remained protective of her. When in Tivanta the sorceress was confident enough in Stephanie to make her a sorceress as well, which means... an evil spirit must inhabit her body. The sorceress had no idea the one that inhabited Stephanie was too evil and powerful for Stephanie to fully control. Stephanie soon became power hungry, even killing her mentor. This is where we come in."
  9. Annie looked at Fannie, she took it from there, "Stephanie soon learned the evil ability to steal the magical talents from other beings, which enslaves them to her. The three of us are sirens, extremely dangerous to all men when in the water. We do not claim to be entirely good. However, the three of us are better than most sirens. Stephanie found us and took our abilities, and we are now enslaved. The reason she took us was because we were outcasts because of our outstanding shows of mercy on men. No one cares about our absence, Stephanie is extremely good about avoiding attention. Taking you was her first big move." Fannie looked at Dani and she continued it from there, "You are extremely special. _______, you cannot be touched by Stephanie's powers. We do not know why. The only reason why Trace remains with breathe in his lungs is because of his loyalty to her. He is like you and cannot be touched by her powers, but that is because they are blood relatives. Stephanie uses him and his friendship with the griffon only because she knows he will not betray her. However, we know for a fact that you are not related to them. That, and you have a heightened ability to protect those near you from her magic. This is how we can tell you, otherwise we'd be dead in an instant. She is trying to establish a friendship with you so that you are loyal to her and no one else, kind of how she has Trace entangled." I sat a moment taking in the information, but I couldn't ignore the one burning question I sat with in my head. "Why doesn't she just kill me?" Annie thought for a moment then answered, "Because no one knows the full extent of your abilities she isn't willing to risk unleashing them and alienating you from her. Her purposes are unknown to the three of us still, but we are pretty sure Trace knows her plans."
  10. I looked blankly at the wall processing the information. Annie took my face in her hands and pressed her forehead against mine. "All will be well in the end ___________. Come, lets prepare you for sleep." Annie took me from my bed and I was dressed in a long nightgown. I looked at myself blankly almost not recognizing the beautiful figure that looked back at me. I was taken to my bed and tucked in. I just stared at the wall until sleep finally drifted over me.
  11. My eyes opened and stared into the darkness. I don't know what woke me but I was sure that something was there. I clenched my hands into fists, ready for anything. Hands suddenly covered my mouth smuggling any sound. I threw my fists into the air hitting somebody. It didn't move but I heard somebody shush me. I stopped and waited for something else to happen. A light was switched on and I could suddenly see Trace standing there......
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