Forever and Always pt.16

Hey guys again Im glad I realesed two parts in one day! And also it says in the answers that you got home, just ignore them and also I promised DaughterOfApollo Im sorry I didn't give any time with Alex, but I put his POV so hopefully that makes up for it. Im so proud of myslef:D And lol anywho I rushed through it so guys spare me if you no likey and Enjoy!:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate. Cam: A bit taller then you, jet black hair, exotic green eyes(Sometimes glow) natural red lips, and you can't quite label him:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. "JASON!!!" You shout and you kneel next to him. He's knocked out but alive somehow, you could feel his heart beat. Tears start running down your face, the guy who stabbed him, and you could see a smile form into his lips. You all the sudden you have so much anger inside of you. You think about your parent's your brother and now Jason. The person who stabbed Jason is now scarred and stepping back away from you. You stare at a mirrior and see that your eyes are completly scarlet red and you look demonic. You look back at the guy and slowly smile. "Now it's my turn."
  2. **CYRUS'S P.O.V** I found otu why they beat the boy, it's because since he is related to her by blood, they assum he has some of her powers. But he's so innocent, and he does nothing to hurt anyone not even to protect himself. I can't stand the sounds of him being beatin. They throw him in again, he's crying. "I can't stand it Cyrus when will _____ come for me? It's been a long time and they keep hurting me." He closes his eyes trying to ease the pain. I take out my hands and start healing him. They broke 3 of his small ribs from what I can feel.
  3. **CAM'S P.O.V** She lips curled up into a smile "Now it's my turn." She said but it wasn't her voice. It was multiple voices at once. Then he started to scream and was in an awkward position in the air and screaming "PUT OUT THE FIRE!!". I look at _____ and she's just smiling and looking directly at him with scarlet red eyes. Jason is still on the ground bleeding out. I could care less because he'll eventually heal. Now I have to get THEM out of her.
  4. While he was still in the air shouting in pain it won't be long till he dies. I have to stop her. I step towards her and grab her shoulder. All the sudden he drops to the floor. he's dead. Her eyes are still scarlet red and her multi-vioce said. "I hate you." Then her eyes go back to their natural _____ color. And she falls to the ground uncounsious.
  5. **ALEX'S P.O.V** There isn't much to say everyone is getting really worried something bad is happening right now, The only thing that calms me is when I'm writing songs, I worte a song it's not finished but it's turning out great so far. I'll probually sing it to her when it's done. "Alex!" "I didn't do anything! And if there's blue sh-t in the vase it was Nick!" Then Chris walks in with a worried explression on his face. "Not that and wait what happend to the va-""Nothing, nothing at all just say what ever you were gonna say." I say sitting up straight. "Okay, well I feel as if something really bad just happend right now." I hate to admit it but Chris is always right, when he has a gut feeling something is wrong he always turns out right. "What do we do?" "We find them."
  6. **STILL ALEX'S P.O.V** "Okay... whats the plan?" "I have no idea" Chris said. "That sounds like a great plan." I say sarcastically, I pull on a shirt and put on my converse. "Wheres Nick?" I ask standing up. "He's in his room." "Okay well he's always the smart one we'll se what he says."
  7. **CYRUS'S P.O.V** Somthing is going to happen. Something big, it's been an hour and willy still hasn't returned... Have they unlockedhis powers?
  8. **YOUR P.O.V** You wake up not remebering anything that just happend, though you do remember about Jason. You look around and see that you're on a bed, in a hotel room, you sit up and see Jason on an operating table and a heart monitor just doing the BEEP BEEP BEEP sound and it's starting to annoy you. You look to your left and see Cam. Casually leaning on the door frame with alot of blood on him and is smoking a cigirate, when he sees you he winks at you. You remember what happend and now think he's on the bad people's side. "I hate you." You say then you grab a pillow, throw it at him and shout "I HATE YOU!" You get up and start shoting him fire, instead the fire just dies off right before it hits him. He continues smoking his cigarite. He laughs and says still leaning on the door frame and smoking his cigarite. "Like I said before a normal person would start off by saying Hello or Hi but then again you never mentioned that you were normal." He looks at you and smiles again "And neither did I."
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry it had to end there, this part is a bit crappy and short cuz I rushed through it but oh well at least it came the same day!:D Hopefully you guys enjoyed!:)
  10. Who do you like?

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