Never Forgotten Part 10

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Again, I've been busy, however, I tried really hard in this one! I do hope you enjoy it!

You left off drifting into a dream....

Created by: CountryBayRythm

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  1. *I was surrounded by a dark blue space. All around me stars twinkled in the distance. There was a slight cool breeze, even though you would have thought it impossible. I sat on the cool invisible floor and watched as a comet would fly by. I was alone, but I was not frightened. Out of no where four beings formed from the air around them. Each looked just like me.... One was almost blinding to look at. Shining a gold, but still me. Another was hard to see, this time I was shadows. The eyes pitch black and stare blank. The next held herself regally, not something I would see myself do usually. She was a deep blue and reflected the stars around her, I could see myself reflected on her, but barely. The last looked a liquid silver, a purple hue hung around her. Again, my figure is the one she took form in. They all began speaking at the same time. Their voices coming together into a grande melody they said, "We are your hidden traits. We are the powers laying dormant within your soul. We have come to you to reveal our presence. Too long has flame, sky, leaf, and deep been protected by their own kingdoms. We have chosen you to protect us." I looked at them, I felt calm but I knew this was urgent. The blue one came and stood before me, "I am space, when you master my powers, you will be able to control where you are, matter itself, and where other things may be." For the first time noticing that she/me was nude, I looked down and saw I was too. I wasn't bothered by this. These are all just parts of me right? Space took my face in her hands and kissed my forehead. She disappeared into an orb. The orb floated down to my bellybutton. There it took the shaped of the north star bellow my bellybutton and looked just like a tattoo. Then the one that looked as if she was liquid silver stepped forward and faced me. "I am time, when you master my powers, you will be able to freeze time, see the future, and feel when a danger will come." She/me did the same as Space and floated to my bellybutton. This time, it took the form of an infinity sign above my bellybutton. The next to step before me was the one of shadows. "I am night, when you master my powers, you will be able to cast shadows across a space, take the shape of your opponent's worst fear, and communicate with the dead." She/me did as the others and formed a moon on the right of my bellybutton. The last stood before me, straining my eyes to see her. "I am day, when you master my powers, you be able to shine a light wherever you wish, send excruciating pain into someone by looking into their eyes, and restore life into those who recently lost it." As the last one to float down, she/me took the form of a sun on the left side of my bellybutton. I looked out into the space around me and drifted into thoughtless peace.*
  2. My eyes drifted open. Epron was nudging me awake, "Get dressed my dear, it's time for you to continue on." I nodded and watched him leave. I buried my face into my pillow and thought of my odd dream. 'There's no way that's real.' I left my bed to go take a shower. When I entered the bathroom however, I saw the four tattoos, they were real.... I gasped and felt them. They were indeed my skin... just instead... they each looked kind of like the girl they represent... me I guess. I took the shower, trying to wash them off, but it didn't work. I sat there until the water was too cold to bear. I dressed in...
  3. I walked from my room to find Epron sitting there waiting for me. I wanted to tell him about my dream... but I was too unsure about it to do so. His face filled with concern, "What is bothering you dear?" He asked this while he stood and rubbed his great face into mine, like a domesticated cat would. I pet his face and told him nothing with the most convincing face I could muster. He looked at me suspiciously, but I laughed watching his eye colors change so quickly. He shook his head with a grin and gestured for me to follow. I put my hand on his mane and played with it before we reached the bridge. Once there I was pulled aside immediately by Heather. She wore a huge grin. "He couldn't stop talking about you last night when it was just me and him! I can't tell you how happy he was!" She gave me a huge hug and before I could respond she brought me back. I then looked at Leo, watching his eyes soften at the sight of me for the first time. I blushed and Heather giggled. Epron began to glow gold just like Wequest. Then I realized... they're using space magic! That's why they glow gold! I felt the triumph within me grow with the revelation, but before I could put a hand on Epron, Leo took me in a hug and gave me a short, but passionate kiss. "I'm going to miss you too much." He said. "It's just a day!" I responded trying to pull off a smile, but failed. I then put my hand on Epron and so did Leo. A white portal appeared before us and we entered a realm that looked just like Earth... only the mountains... they were suspended in the sky! I couldn't believe my eyes! I turned to Leo to see his eyes hard again. He wouldn't look at me.... I took a breathe and Wequest and Reed appeared before us. I smiled and Leo just crossed his arms and glared. Epron then took Leo away from my sight.
  4. Before me Reed made a small bowing gesture with his head and offered me his arm. Wequest took off when I took his arm. I looked at Reed confused. "We'll be there soon than he." He answered. I nodded and watched him close his eyes. He took a breathe and I could feel him tense up. But I felt him loosen once more. I watched his eyes fly open, and he picked me up faster than I could realize. We launched into the air and I buried my face into his shoulder. I let out a small squeal and I felt him laugh and I smiled. I slowly brought my head from his shoulder and gasped as I looked down at the beautiful scenery! I looked at Reed next. I was surprised to see him looking at me, he smiled and turned me around. I squealed again. he laughed and held me close by my waist. I felt like I was flying myself. The wind in my face, nothing below me. I felt butterflies in my stomach, but I liked it. We came up to a castle on top of one of the floating mountains. The castle was large and grande like one you'd see in a fairy tale. The walls white, and the roof tops black. It was beautiful. The steps leading up to the large front doors is where we landed. I looked up at the walls that towered over us. I could feel Reed tighten his grip around my waist. I looked back at him with a questioning look, and he immediately let go. I was about to question him when a woman burst from the doors. She had golden wings that hung majestically from her back. Long red hair fell by her waist from two high pigtails held by black ribbons. She wore a gold long sleeve shirt with puffs at her shoulders, and a short short black skirt. Most of her legs however hidden by see through black socks and black army boots. Her face was cute but her eyes glowed red. Her arms spread above her and she said, "Welcome! It is a privilege housing the next savior of Tivanta. Even though you may dress odd." 'I dress odd?' I asked within my brain. 'Reed was right, they're pretty straight forward here.' She beckoned us within the castle.
  5. When I walked in I felt like I was walking into a castle of the Renaissance era. Within stood a man that mirrored the woman's appearance. "I am Nira and this is my brother Tiko. We are the head diplomats that take care of the realm when the King is away." The woman declared. The two then turned and walked up the grande staircase and from my sight. I turned to Reed, "That's the first time I've heard any one of you guys being referred to as King." He smiled, "Of course, we are the most formal of the four realms, even though you'd think Christian's would be." "They have reputations?" Wequest answered even though it was directed at Reed. "Well, yes. The water realm is known for it's royalty, and cliquey attitude. The fire realm is known for it's strength and wild qualities. The wind realm is known for it's organization and honesty. The earth realm is known for it's education and isolation." "Hmm." I replied. I thought that's kind of amusing. Even in distant worlds people give stereotypes. Wequest then winked and followed Nira and Tiko. I watched as Reed turned to me. "So, I'm teaching you the use of a bow and arrow and how to use the skill of stealth. The same potion will be given." I nodded my head and he took me to a room that looked extremely similar to the others. The training was long and hard and we continued until I couldn't anymore.
  6. We walked out to a balcony and I sat on the railing. I reached out to touch one of the clouds that passed by and felt the cold water build up on my arm. I pulled back and investigated the small drops that reflected small rainbows. I looked up at Reed. His back was leaning against the railing but his eyes were glued to me. His eyes slowly melted, and I got lost in his ocean of eyes. He began to lean in, and I mirrored him. Our lips met and sparks flew. I could feel his hand press against the back of my head, and my arms creeped around his neck. The kiss lasted for a while, it was only when I could no longer breathe that we broke. He looked at me like I was the best thing that ever happened to him. I blushed and looked down. He took my waist and picked me up from where I sat, placing me on the ground besides him. His hand still on my waist, he walked me down many passageways, and up many stairs. When we reached a large wooden door he bowed and opened the door for me. "The dinner is formal. I will be here in two hours to escort you." He took my hand and kissed it. I blushed and he walked away with a twinkle in his eyes.
  7. I walked into the room and there stood a grande balcony that showed the world around me. Blue jays perched on the railing, singing their songs. I walked to one and pet it's head, surprised when it allowed me. It stepped onto my finger and I stroked the top of it's head. After a moment it flew away, doing flips in the air. I smiled and went inside. I walked into the bathroom and butterflies filled my stomach. I took a shower, and the tattoos remained as clear as ever. I dressed in a dress that was inspired by my balcony view. It was...
  8. I was putting on my shoes when there was a knock on the door. I told them to come in and my stomach flew away when I saw Reed appear. I just continued to put on my shoes, hiding my red face. He waited for me and when I couldn't stall any longer without it being obvious I stood and took his arm. He looked at me and gave me a dreamy smile, "I don't think I've ever witnessed a prettier sight." I blushed again. He brought me to a room filled with winged people. A small applaud came to my ears when we entered. I smiled and nodded at people I passed. I was getting better at playing this role. It was just as before, Reed at the head of the table, me by his side, Wequest at mine, and the two siblings across from me. Many were intrigued with me so I was the center of attention, answering many questions. They were obviously trying their best but I could not help but be amused by the straight forward nature of these people. I enjoyed the dinner even though it may not have been wild like the fire realm. Afterwards we all drank sweet drinks and talked for some time more. When I began to hide my yawns from exhaustion Wequest picked up on it and came to my rescue. He pulled me aside and I gave a general goodnight and thank you. Reed saw this from across the room and came as quick as he could without looking ridiculous. I was about to follow Wequest around a corner when I felt somebody pull me into a hug. I looked behind me and noticed Reed standing there. He smiled and kissed me on the back of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. "Goodnight." He said this and then disappeared. I put my hand where he kissed and Wequest's head appeared around the corner. "Coming?" He asked me. I nodded and followed him the rest of the way to my room. There he gave me a small embrace and bid me sweet dreams.
  9. I undressed and put my hair into a messy bun. I put on a huge t-shirt and spankies. I sat in my bed thinking of all that happened today until I drifted into a dream.
  10. Cliffhanger! Yes I know not my best one :P
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  12. I worked really hard on this one, I hope you liked it!

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