"Ice Age" Movie Quiz

"Ice Age" is a CGI comedy action-adventure film, produced by Blue Sky Studios, in association with 20th Century Fox. The film stars Ray Romano as a grumpy mammoth (Manfred); John Leguizamo as a comical three-toed sloth named Sid; Dennis Leary as the scheming yet kind saber-tooth tiger, Diego; and Gordan Visjinc as Soto, the main antagonist of the film.

The movie is about the adventures of Manfred (aka Manny), Sid, and Diego. They are three bachelors who find an abandoned infant, named Roshan. Their mission is to return him to his tribe when they go on a lengthy search for him. Along the way, the trio grows from total strangers to best friends.

Created by: shreklover123
  1. In the beginning of the film, after the title appears, how does Sid the Sloth meet Manfred the Mammoth?
  2. What type of animal is Diego?
  3. Who is the primary antagonist (enemy) of the film?
  4. Throughout the remainder of the film, what does Scrat, the saber-tooth squirrel, always attempts to do with his acorn?
  5. What is Manfred's nickname?
  6. Manfred, Sid, and Diego find an abandoned baby, and try to reunite him with his tribe. What is the baby's REAL name (not mentioned in the movie)?
  7. According to Manfred, what did he nickname the baby?
  8. What year did "Ice Age" come out in theaters?
  9. When Manny and his companions stumble upon cave drawings, they see a trio of mammoths. Sid then discovers why Manny had a hard exterior. What was that reason?
  10. According to Manny, what are the three reasons why he wanted Sid to find food for Roshan?
  11. What happened to Diego when he had a change of heart?
  12. How many melons did the "Tae Kwan Dodos" have in their stock pile?
  13. How did Soto die?
  14. True of False: Diego passes away in the end of the film
  15. In the film, during Manny, Sid, and Diego's traveling, a song was playing in the background. What is the name of the song?

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