Who are you from the Shane Dawson squad?

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This quiz is about Shane Dawson and his friends that we all love. Find out who you are from this quiz. You could be: Shane, Morgan, Garrett, Ryland or even Andrew (Cameraman).

I made this quiz since Shane Dawson is one of my absolute favourite youtubers and also because I have no life. Haha. What can I say I'm a Danish 16 year old girl who loves Shane and all his friends. I would die if I meet them. This quiz was finished the 6. Of May 2018. Please take note this quiz is just for fun, nothing mean and or harmful was intended.

Created by: Amy Alexander
  1. How is your laughter?
  2. Would you call yourself attractive?
  3. If I dared you to do something would you then do it?
  4. Food? Cheese, Bread, Fry, Chocolate, Meat and so on....
  5. Would you joke about yourself?
  6. Can you walk in shoes with heels?
  7. How do you feel about exercising?
  8. Do you like your friends?
  9. Do you talk a lot?
  10. And finally Harry Potter yes or no?

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Quiz topic: Who am I from the Shane Dawson squad?