How well do you know Shane Dawson?

Ever heard of Shane Dawson? Shane Dawson has over 7 million subscribers! Well, 7 million that's a lot of people! Shane is the funny trypical "Internet-ainer" that you won't find in many other areas of the internet!

So, are you a big Shane Dawson fan? Test your knowledge in this quiz and find out if you are or aren't. Make sure you subscribe to him if you get over 50%! Here's the quiz!

Created by: Missopasx
  1. Who did Shane first date from YouTube?
  2. How old is Shane Dawson?
  3. What's his dog's name?
  4. What's his dog's name?
  5. Shane made a music video called "Famous YouTuber" what was the white bottle labeled with?
  6. What is the colab name of Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas together?
  7. Shane made a book called-
  8. What's Shane's middle name?
  9. Shane has had over 5 YouTube girlfriends in his time he started YouTube.
  10. Shane had a series called "Shane And Friends" and in the intro a gangster called "Shanaynay" shoots a gun.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shane Dawson?