The amazing Shane Dawson!!

Shane Dawson is probly the best person on this planet. From caring to funny he has it all. He is also probly the most gorgous guy I have ever seen.. even when his hair is all messy(:

Do you really love Shane Dawson? Or do you just like his videos? Are you a hater? If you are haterz gonna hate? Please dont leave rude comments if you are a hater. Thanks.

Created by: Quiztogo
  1. Lets start out with stupid question I feel the need to ask. Do you know who Shane Dawson is?
  2. Now I kinda want to ask this: Are YOU Shane Dawson?
  3. Dont you think he is hot?
  4. What would you do if you met him?
  5. Who is your favorite character he plays?
  6. Isnt he your favorite YouTuber?
  7. Is he gay?
  8. Do you want him to get a tv show?
  9. Do you watch his videos on YouTube?
  10. Wasnt he hot even is his...'chubby' days?
  11. Would you kiss him if you could?
  12. Do you love Shane Dawson?
  13. Comment/ Rate please!! (: Oh yeah and it would be cool if you like spamed his videos with: "Take 'The amazing Shane Dawson' video on" (:

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