So you think you know Lil Shane?

There have been many people that have a part in my son's life but few really know him and what he likes. So I made this quiz just for fun to see how many people really know Lil Shane. He is only two years old but he is an amazing lil person and I would to see who comes ahead in this quiz.

So are you the person who thinks you have the knowledge and brainpower to score 100% on this quiz? Well the time has come Take this quiz and in just a few minutes we will all find out. Good Luck!!!

Created by: Frances

  1. Who old was he when he started daycare?
  2. What is his favorite cartoon?
  3. His favorite chips?
  4. Whos name did he learn first?
  5. What hospital was he born at?
  6. When did he start potty training?
  7. What is his favorite movie?
  8. At what age did he start walking?
  9. His favorite drink is?
  10. Who does he always ask for?
  11. What is his favorite saying at the moment?
  12. Where is his birthmark located?

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