How well do u know Shane Dawson

So many people love Shane Dawson and I think I'm the best lover of shane but do you think you are? If you do please take this quiz to find out and I hope you enjoy. Bye.

Her are some facts about shane dawson. Shane Dawson had funny characters like shaynaynay, S. Deezy, Shanes Mom, Aunt Hilda, Paris Hilton, and more. Check him out.

Created by: Pitbull77
  1. How old is Shane Dawson. (2015)
  2. When did he first start YouTube.
  3. What relationship gender is he.
  4. How many channels does he have.
  5. Who's shane s ex girlfriend
  6. What is the relationship between Joey and Shane
  7. Who helps Shane make videos, short films, and movies the most
  8. What religious is Shane
  9. How many songs did Shane write himself. (Not parody)
  10. Who's Shanes black friend
  11. Does Shane Dress in the opposite sex wear
  12. What movie did Shane make
  13. What movie was Shane in
  14. What is Shanes full real name
  15. What's his mom's name
  16. What does he do for a living

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