Does that Boy care?

Hi! this quiz is for girls who are in love but they don't know if the guy loves them! Not to worry! Are you smart? Are you pretty? Do you think you can take his heart? Find out!

Find out if he adores you, simply likes you or hates you. Just select the one sentence you think is true, and find out! So hurry, and see! Good Luck to all girls!

Created by: Kally

  1. If you accidentally trip and fall down on him, he would touch...
  2. If you fell asleep on him or in his arms, how would he wake you up?
  3. When he talks to you, where does he look?
  4. If you saw him at the door of the science lab in school, and that was where you needed to go, what would you do?
  5. Does he hang out with you?
  6. Does he hang ou with other girls?
  7. where does he sit in the living room?
  8. Does he give you anything?
  9. does he look at you?
  10. Okay! Does he make fun of you?

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