Which WWF Golden Age Superstar are you?

This quiz is awesome blah don;t care lala woohoo this is fun pizza yum yum dont really care you dont eitther no one reads this see you soon jk npt huh

Yeah so about that sentence i don't care you dont either said that the golden age good time for wwf fanatics now its wwe since like 2003 i dont know tho,

Created by: Trey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a good guy or bad guy (heel)
  2. You are remembered for
  3. What would you do to get what you want
  4. What is your favorite letter
  5. Which describes you?
  6. What is your weight. (if you are a kid, what ois your most likely weight)
  7. Are you a...
  8. When you get old you will
  9. Where do you live
  10. Who is your favorite wrestler out of these?

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Quiz topic: Which WWF Golden Age Superstar am I?