What WWE Superstar are you?

The WWE is an amazing thing to watch even though it isn't real. It's amazing how they set up rivalies, tag teams, and even championships! Isn't that great.

The question is which WWE superstar do you resemble? Do you resemble a champion a super-superstar or even a legend! Take this quiz and soon you'll find out.

Created by: T-Man
  1. What would be your slogan?
  2. What would be your nickname?
  3. Would you rather be a legend or a current superstar?
  4. What would be your finisher.
  5. If you did not answer No.6 there is some more finishers here.
  6. Who is your favorite tag team?
  7. Who is your favorite superstar?
  8. If you did not answer No.9 there are some more superstars here.
  9. Would you rather be on Raw or Smackdown?
  10. Did you like my quiz?
  11. Did you take any other of my quizzes-T-Man

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Quiz topic: What WWE Superstar am I?