Guess The WWE Superstar

Guess the WWE Superstar is a quiz where I describe a superstar and you guess it. The superstars are from Raw and SmackDown and you need to know a lot if you want to get over 80 percent rating.

So, take it already and test if you've got the brains of Howard Finkel. There are 30 questions in the whole quiz so dig the information out of your brains!

Created by: mrx

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  1. I'm the best in the world at what I do and I'm here to save you from the Age of Orton.
  2. I'm Rated R and I like to Spear everybody.
  3. I debuted in WWE in 2008 and they call me "Air".
  4. I'm the most bizarre superstar in WWE and the prince of perversion. I'm sssss... (bite)...
  5. I'm the tallest man in the whole WWE and I like to host a kiss cam and kiss old fat ugly ladies.
  6. The champ is here! I'm the current face of WWE and haters call me Super ----.
  7. I'm the world's strongest man and I like to jump on top of people with my 380 lbs body.
  8. I'm the shaman of sexy and I have an eight pack.
  9. I'm the current U.S. champion and Mr. Money In The Bank and that's because I'm awesome!
  10. I'm Carlito's little brother and I'm from Puerto Rico.
  11. I want to know What's Up and I do corkscrew moves in the ring.
  12. The victory is mine! Beware the cobra because when I strike, you're going down! I'm the greatest Intercontinental champyonnee in the world!
  13. I'm The Viper and I've killed many legends in my career. I started out in a stable known as Evolution.
  14. It's a shameful thing, lobster head... (I'm not a Human Jar of Mayonnaise!)
  15. I'm The Game, the King of Kings the 13 time world champion. I'm just that damn good!
  16. I'm the leader of Nexus and the winner of NXT season one.
  17. I'm japanese and my finisher is Roundhouse Kick. I wear tights that have a picture of dragon and Japanese flag in them.
  18. Woo Woo Woo! Happy thanksgiving, you know it! Wo Wo Wee Wo Woo, yo, clap it up, bro, come on, clap it up!
  19. I'm the largest athlete in sports entertainment and returned to WWE in 2008.
  20. I'm Captain Charisma and my theme song is called Just Close Your Eyes.
  21. I'm straight-edge which means I'm better than you. I'm the cookie monster. And also a punk.
  22. I am perfection! I'm the current Intercontinental champion and I also date Vickie Guerrero.
  23. I'm the sinister scotsman and I'm Vince McMahon's newest golden boy.
  24. I'm the All American American and a former World Heavyweight champion.
  25. I'm the brother of Undertaker and I like to Chokeslam everybody. I'm the Big Red Machine.
  26. Boom Boom Boom! I'm from Ghana and I wear red & yellow trunks.
  27. I'm the Straight-Edge Society member and the Detoxified Disciple.
  28. I'm the Man Who Will Not Die and I recently got fat.
  29. I'm the Franchise Playa and I stole my finisher move from Shelton Benjamin after he was released.
  30. I'm The Phenom, The Deadman and the invertor of Hell In a Cell, Casket, Buried Alive and Biker Chain matches. Rest in peace!

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