What WWE wrestler are you?

Are you a WWE fan? Do you want to know what WWE superstar you are? Well take this quiz and figure out TODAY!Don't hesitate, take this Awesome quiz right nao!

Once you have finished this Awesome WWE Quiz, you will get told what WWE superstar you are and what you might be like for ex: if your vicious you might be Batista

Created by: OneManRockBand
  1. What would you be?
  2. What color is your hair?
  3. Is your hair long?
  4. What is your finisher?
  5. What kind of belt will you want?
  6. If you were a WWE Superstar what match would you always compete in?
  7. Would you shake hands with the opponent when the match is first started?
  8. If someone interrfeared in your match for the WWE champion and you lose it because of DQ and your opponent is down. What would you do to the Interfearer?
  9. Would you interfear in your enemies matches?
  10. If you lost in a career threatning match, how would you react?

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Quiz topic: What WWE wrestler am I?