What WWE superstar am I?

This is a quiz to know what % of you is a wrestler, and how much you know, or love to RUMBLE!!! Anyway just be open! You need to have skill, if you don't, keep trying!

A good wrestler? A good wrestler is a person that is willing to risk there lives for fighting, (but it's fake) But anyway, you have to have great skill!

Created by: Will of comcast.net
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  1. How Old are you?
  2. Are you STRONG?
  3. Do you like anyone?
  4. Do You know how to fight? (if needed)
  5. What WWE Title is your favorite?
  6. What is you favorite movie
  7. What is your favorite sport?
  8. What is your favorite Color?
  9. Are you Brave?
  10. How old is your MOM?

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