What wwe/tna wrestler is your future husband?

Have you ever wonder what wwe superstar or tna superstar could be your future husband? Well heres a quiz to tell you! I picked out some of the wrestlers in wwe & tna that were good looking & also how many kids you would have & their names so have fun!

This is my very first quiz so please rate & comment (: Im also planning on making a WWE&TNA Love Story so comment also if you want 1! Have fun taking my quiz! I hope you like it (í—

Created by: Ayla Autumn
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. What diva or knockout is like you?
  3. What music do you perfer?
  4. What band/singer do you like?
  5. What wrestler do you want?
  6. What Championship do you want to be a manger for?
  7. What name would you go by if you had to pick out of these?
  8. What diva/knockout would be your best friend?
  9. Who would you like to meet?
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What wwe/tna wrestler is my future husband?