Which WWE superstar are you?

You may have watched wwe all your life and maybe been to a show. But what Superstar are you. You Can be whoever you want if you get best on them. after this youll know for sure

Which superstar Are you??? are you high flyer jeff hardy? or are you cheap shot Edge? are you the quick witted John Morrison? Or are you the idiotic Cm Punk

Created by: Jake
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats Your favorithe special match (all 4 World Title)
  2. Whats your favorite weapon
  3. Whos youre favorite tag team
  4. Whats your favorite entrance
  5. Who do you hate most
  6. Whats the coolest finisher
  7. Whats your favorithe show
  8. Whats your favorite pay per view
  9. Who has the best finisher
  10. whos your favorite older star?
  11. Do you have a collection of best whatever matches or best of whoever

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Quiz topic: Which WWE superstar am I?