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You are now in Part 11 of trying to find the wysteria! Last time, you and your friends traveled away from Andriella to get to Jaegerwood, the next city on the way to the Northern Woods. There was a lot of potential danger on that journey but you all made it out safely and are now at the gates of Jaegerwood. What adventures exist here?

In this part, just pick the answer you like best! You will get a special result no matter what, but it will be unique to your answers and will tell you more about how you fit into Jaegerwood (:

Created by: rhimicha

  1. “Casper, stop!” Jelli hisses at her dog as he growls at one of the guards standing post in front of Jaegerwood. The guard pays the dog no mind, however, and greets you all with smiles. “Greetings! Welcome to Jaegerwood. What brings your group to our city? Do you all happen to be students?” Jules is silently doting on the horse, feeding him a carrot, while everyone else faces the guards. “We are students, I suppose, but we haven’t come to study here. We’re actually only passing through, if that is alright,” Caldwell states. “Of course,” the guard replies. “Please do know, however, Jaegerwood is quite a long distance to pass through. If you need to stay a night, feel free to board at any of our fine lodges. We have quite a few affordable ones here, if you are on a budget. We also have many things here that are helpful for journeys. Good luck on your trip!”
  2. “We should probably find Casper some good food while we’re here,” Jelli mentions to you and the gang as you walk through the main gates that two guards open in order for you to pass through. Jules leads the horse through as well, and asks you to walk beside him. “I think that we should probably replace the horse you stole first,” he says to Jelli while in the entrance hallway of white brick. It’s not lighted with torches, but daffodil colored candles sitting in glass holders. The shallow glass dishes appear to hang upon the branches of silver trees lining each side of the hall. Only fitting for such a wealthy city. They specialize in metals, so it makes sense they would have displays of their labors. Everything feel so majestic already. The light from the candles causes the intricate metal leaves to glisten. You wonder what the city itself will be like.
  3. “I know, I’m really sorry about that, again,” Jelli apologizes to Jules. She looks down at her shoes while she walks, her shame visible on her face. Jules laughs and replies with, “Well, you should be. You also hit me, you know.” Everyone laughs at this except Jelli. She seems highly embarrassed and silent. You pick up on this and give her a gentle nudge with your elbow. “Don’t look so sad. It’s okay now. We’re just teasing, mostly.” Jelli frowns. “Mostly?” she mumbles. You all reach the end of the hallway before you can formulate a response, and you’re attention is taken captive by the view of the main square.
  4. The main square has a fountain in the center. The dark statue that adorns it is a long haired hunter that is frozen in time, about to release his arrow from his bow at something in the sky, like a bird. He is wearing nothing but hunting pants and his chest is bare, showing off an extremely strong upper body. He stands on a platform that merges with the beautiful fountain, streams of water pouring out from the ornate pillar below him. You immediately recognize the figure from history books back in Silkwood. This is a statue that was made to honor the famous huntsman named Sebastian Jaeger. He came from a long line of hunters, as his name implies, but he was the one who claimed Jaegerwood and named it after his family name, back when this land was still being explored. He wanted to use it to help train more people to hunt, and that he did. Eventually, it turned into what it is today.
  5. “What a beautiful area,” Caldwell says while surveying everything. “Jules, do you know if they have good medical supply shops here? It seems like they would.” Jules thinks for a moment and replies, “They do! But since medicine is still an everchanging field which we’re still learning more about, I’m not sure how similar it will be to the ones you are used to.” By the time you’ve looked back at Jules, he’s donned a dark cloak he must have retrieved from his bag. “Why are you wearing that? It’s hot out!” Dawson wonders out loud.
  6. “It’s just because,” Jules sighs in slight annoyance, “I’m not technically suppose to be out and about like this. Remember, I am the son of a city official. I sent him a message that I was going out of the city for a while and would be back soon, but I didn’t give much of an explanation…” Dawson furrows his brow. “Why does he care? Isn’t it good for you to be out and about? I mean, aren’t you technically working?” Jules shakes his head to explain. “My father doesn’t like me leaving the city unless it’s for a specific reason. Usually, he’s the one who sends me places. If any of the officials recognize me, it might not go so well. Just trust me on this, okay?”
  7. “Alright, fine,” Dawson says with a hmph. “Anyway, which of these lodges should we take?” he asks as you all idle along a cobblestone street path. “One that lets us keep our horses outside, Casper in, and one that is relatively affordable, of course,” Caldwell suggests. Jules waves his hand as if it’s not even a discussion. “That’s wear I’m leading you to now. We’ll be there soon, it’s just that one at the end of this street. See it?” he points to it in the near distance. It’s a tall building sandwiched in between what looks to be a saloon and a tourist shop. On the side of the saloon side is a place where a couple horses are already resting near a trough.
  8. On the way to the lodge you can’t help but notice a few wanted posters hung up on the windows of some of the shops. It’s the same face on each poster you saw, but she has no definitive name. It looks like they’re calling her the Indigo Witch Bandit. Under the drawing of her face it reads as follows: If seen, do not approach. The Indigo Witch Bandit uses magick to steal and injure. She has caused three casualties. Report immediately to the city keepers at main square or any of their bases in the city if you see her and include where exactly you saw her and at what time. If you are a crime hunter, please see city officials to be considered for hire in capturing her.
  9. There are other signs you see as well, but most of them are advertising either shop sales, classes, or upcoming events and celebrations. It seems like a very busy place, as the street is quite crowded and everyone seems to have a purpose while they’re out and about. Some look less happy than others, but in any case, it’s a nice change from the isolation of the paths you all took to get here.
  10. Caldwell, Lucia, and Dawson wait outside with the dog and the horse while you and the others head inside to arrange lodging. “Welcome to the Jubilee Inn. You look like a very young group of friends. We only have four rooms available at the moment. Lately we have many people passing through for the annual summer festival in Kai.” You smile at the lady the front counter as she welcomes you all inside. The lobby is spacious but only because of the minimalist amount of furniture. It’s a four story building, and it appears to have been made solely to help travelers with a place to sleep in the most efficient way possible. The staircase to the second floor is visible from the entrance, with sitting dove ornaments on each side of the railings, as if they are greeting you.
  11. “Yes, that will be just fine. We only need two rooms for the night,” Jules says quietly while setting down two rolls of coins. The lady behind the front counter nods and takes the money. “Thank you very much. You will be on the fourth floor in rooms 5 and 6, then. If you have any animals with you it costs an extra fee.” She glances outside at the horse and the dog through the front windows, as if to hint to us. Jules pulls out some more money and asks how much it costs today. “Only 5 extra coins! I’ll let the horse be on the house for you all. There is a place to tie them to near the saloon. We have a guard that stands watch over them during the night, as well, so no need to worry about theft. As for the dog, just please make sure he doesn’t disturb the other guests…” The lady emerges from behind the counter after storing the money Jules gave her and you notice her belly. She’s pregnant. She hands Jules the keys to the rooms. “Now if you all will excuse me, I must use the lady’s room. My name is Stacy, and if you need anything, I’ll be down here most of the day. My husband Ben will be here later to take over my shift. He also can help you if you need anything for your rooms.”
  12. “How did it go?” Dawson asks. “It went well. We have two rooms for the night. If we have to stay longer, we could, but I would rather not. We’re getting close to the Northern Woods, but we do still have a few more places to pass through before we reach the entrance,” Jules answers. “I agree, although I must admit, that summer festival in Kai sounds fun…” you mumble to yourself. “I wish that things were simpler…” Lucia looks at you with sympathy and links her elbow with yours. “Don’t worry, _____! We’ll be able to enjoy it at least a little. Just because we’re on a mission doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun in the process.”
  13. “Hey, would you guys mind if I wandered around the area a bit by myself? I promise I’ll stay safe. I just… I kind of want to be alone right now.” Caldwell shakes his head immediately. “Around here? Are you nuts? Did you not see those wanted posters? It may be a high security area but if you’re going on a walk, someone should go with you.” You sigh and look out at the sunset. “Fine. What I said still stands though. I need to be alone for a bit. I’m gonna go tie up the horse near the saloon. That’s not that far away, does that sound okay to you?” You shoot a pointed look at Caldwell while walking away with the horse. “Caldwell, just let her be,” you hear Lucia tell her brother as you walk away.
  14. The others head inside to put their belongings in their rooms. All you have is your bag that you packed with you, but it just hangs around your shoulder. When you reach the area to tie up the horses, you’re surprised that it’s bigger than it appeared from a distance. There’s a lot of horses here, even some donkeys. You securely tie your gang’s horse up and watch him as he drinks from one of the water troughs. “I bet you get it, don’t you, Orion? I bet you miss Ophelia, huh?” you say to the horse. “I’m sure she’s somewhere with someone. You’re just separated now is all. But it’s okay,” you try to comfort him. In turn, it also somehow ends up comforting you. Your parents are okay. You can just feel it. In any case, sometimes you wonder if you yourself are okay. You keep wondering if you can trust all of these people that the lady innkeeper so casually called your friends… Are they really your friends?
  15. You walk away from Orion to go sit near a tree and look at a lake nearby. You feel like some meditation is needed right now. How do you meditate?
  16. After taking some time to yourself, you feel it’s time to get back. The sunset is almost over. When you return to the lodge, Stacy is chatting with someone who appears to be cleaning the building. You avoid eye contact with them as an attempt not to engage in conversation, but Stacy notices you anyway. “Oh, dear! Your friend in the cloak said he was off to go buy another horse. He wanted me to let you know in case you wondered where he went.” You smile and say thank you, heading up stairs. It’s a lot of stairs and there’s no lift in this building, unfortunately. But at least it’s affordable.
  17. Being that the staircases are quite narrow, on the way to the fourth floor you end up colliding with someone who is heading down. It actually hurt, too, since they seemed to be in a rush. “Ouch, sorry about that,” a woman groans while holding her left arm. You rub your head as you grimace a little bit, since that’s what hit her arm. “Thanks, but I am too, I wasn’t looking where I was going. I’m quite tired, I apologize.” This woman carries a large bag over her right arm overflowing a bit with books and journals. She has short blonde hair and a very thin face, with narrow shoulders. “I’ll see you around, maybe. Goodnight,” you wave. She continues her trek down the stairs, as if going somewhere before it closes for the night. You take a guess at which room is yours and after accidentally stumbling into the boys’ room where Dawson and Caldwell are chatting, you wish them goodnight and head to your own room. Lucia and Jelli are already fast asleep, seems like. They turned out the lights and already got ready for bed.
  18. While washing up yourself in the bathroom, you find three coins behind the toilet. Except, one of them looks different. It doesn’t look like a coin that was made here in this kingdom. It’s has a purple shine to it, and an unfamiliar insignia on it that you’ve never seen before in your life. It says the number 10 on its other side as X. You wonder where its from and slip it into a pocket in your bag. These responses have no effect. You’ve reached the end of this part! I hope you enjoy your results! Next part will be out soon enough.

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