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Welcome to part seven of Find The Wysteria, a story quiz for girls. This part is also fairly long. It was enjoyable to write and I'm having a lot of fun with this plot. Thank you so much for reading up until now :D

Last time, you and the gang traveled to a new, more 'magical' city called Andriella. After catching up on sleep, you all decided to go shopping. Then Dawson went missing, and while searching for him in the park, you were kidnapped by some mystery guy.

Created by: rhimicha

  1. It seems as though you're in a house... it's still daytime, so you haven't been unconscious for long. You remember being taken by someone into the forest, and then since you were squirming so much, the mystery guy did something that knocked you out... must have pinched a nerve or something, because you don't seem to have any injuries. Now you are lying in a small twin bed... You sit up and look around the place. It's certainly a very strange looking house. It's big and circular shaped, with a dome ceiling. There are several bookshelves and tons of chests filled with all kinds of odds and ends, as if someone were collecting them. To your right is a table filled with yummy food, and spread out on the floor is a big soft rug.
  2. You immediately head for the table filled with food, grabbing a buttered bread roll, a handful of strawberries, and a few slices of cheese. Scared that somebody might show up and stop you, you scarf it all down in about five minutes. While finishing the last bit, a very tall guy with dirty blonde hair and light green eyes appears in the doorway. It's at this moment that you realize you are no longer wearing just pants and a blouse... you are wearing a fancy dress suited for a princess.
  3. "I believe we started off on the wrong foot, my love," he smiles seductively. "I'm Xavier. You're going to be living with me now. Alas, we can only spend time together in the day, as I have things I must attend to at night..." he looks out the window as he says it, "but, nevermind that! We're going to have lots of fun together!" Your eyes widen and you quickly swallow the food before yelling, "I'm not staying here! Get away from me, you pervert!" because he continues to move closer and closer to you, until you have an idea. You grab the book nearest to you and throw it at his head. Sadly... he dodges it in an instant. He's now trapped you up against a wall, both of his arms on either side of you.
  4. For a while you think Xavier is about to kiss you, but all he's doing is staring at you intensely. "You are...." he starts quietly, "afraid of me." You furrow your brow and look away, and it's at this moment that a chirpy female voice rips through the air. "Xavier! What are you doing???" the older girl demands with her hands on her hips. She stands in the doorway in a light blue dress, blonde waves cascading down her shoulders. Xavier slowly lets his arms drop back down to his sides. "Just getting to know our new guest," he answers mischeviously. The girl rolls her eyes and stalks right past him. Then she greets you and says gently, "I am sorry... you must be so confused. You are going to be living here with us for some time. What is your name?"
  5. "Why should I tell you?!" you yell angrily. The girl sighs and says, "I can't force you to tell me. I can, however, tell you that my name is Greta. This is our home. You have no reason to be afraid..." After she says that, you shoot a pointed look towards Xavier, and Greta notices. "Him? Oh, he's harmless... he's just very affectionate." You stand there looking at both of them incredulously. Xavier goes out the doorway, but instead of just walking out, like you'd expected him to... he actually climbs down, as if using a ladder...
  6. "My name is _____," you say cautiously. "Why have you kidnapped me? Who are you people?" Greta sighs deeply and shows you to the window. "Look down," she orders politely. You carefully look out, and can see that this 'house' is almost 20 feet off the ground, and surrounded by many trees. Like a -- like a treehouse. "What in the... why are we so high up?" you question her. Greta smiles and explains, "We are, um, tree dwellers. In this city of Andriella, our numbers have dwindled down to barely anything: just me and Xavier." You laugh in disbelief, "So you're just two people who decided to go live out in the forest?" Greta shakes her head, "It's more complicated than that, _____. You do not understand. Perhaps you never will. Honestly, it's up to Xavier should you ever know th-" Whatever Greta was about to say, it got cut off by Xavier, coming from down below. He groans in pain as if he's been hit or something... Wait, there's another voice! And it sounds familiar! "Get your hands off me, you son of a b****!" he says. There's no doubt about it... that's Dawson!!
  7. "Just climb!" you hear Xavier command frustratedly. After a few moments, you see Dawson's dark brown hair, then his electric blue eyes, then his entire self in the doorway. Except his head is hurt, and he looks extremely fatigued. That is, until he sees you. His eyes widen like saucers and he rushes over to your side, wrapping his arms around you. He inconspicuously whispers in your ear, "_____, I'm so sorry. If I had never gone to the park..." Already knowing what he's going to say you whisper back into his, while hugging him in return, "Shh, it's not your fault." Greta smiles at you two curiously, as if she's watching some alien life forms or something. Xavier rolls his eyes and says, "Break it up, that's enough." Dawson stops hugging you, but he still holds your hand and doesn't let go. "Are you two a couple?" Greta asks completely seriously.
  8. Both Dawson and you are too angry and confused to be embarrassed by her question, and neither of you answer it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Xavier takes off his shirt. You blush involuntarily, because admittingly, he has a great body... He is looking at his lower side, where he must have been elbowed by Dawson, because it's starting to bruise. "Did you really have to do that?" he groans, while applying some sort of cream to it, then putting his shirt back on. "Did you really have to knock me unconscious earlier?" Dawson says moodily. Xavier scowls at him in frustration and hands him some of the medicine. Dawson stares at it for a moment, as if contemplating whether or not it's poison. Then he cautiously takes some and applies it to the cut on his forehead. "Sweet relief! What is this stuff?!" he exclaims. Xavier says calmly, "It's just medicine. Our medicine." You stare longingly at the food on the table, and head over there, still lugging Dawson behind you (since he won't let go of your hand). There are so many choices! What do you want to eat?
  9. "I'm so hungry," you say with big puppy eyes. You look towards Xavier, and he smiles happily, saying, "Please, help yourself, _____!" You give Dawson a look, hinting that you'll need your other hand for eating, and he lets go reluctantly while blushing. You all take seats around the table to eat. Whenever Dawson reaches for some food, Xavier snatches it away quicker. This goes on for some time, quite subtly, until Greta finally notices and shouts, "Xavier! Stop being rude!" Dawson snickers at Xavier and starts to eat. Greta then goes on to explain, "I'm sorry... we... are not really sure how to interact with your ki-" Xavier clamps a hand over Greta's mouth and gives her a look that could kill. "Greta was just going to say, we haven't been around you city folk in a long time. We're rural souls at heart, us two. Yes, indeed."
  10. "Well why did you take us?" you ask Xavier, completely confused. "I mean, you don't seem to like Dawson at all." Xavier sighs deeply, "Don't ask me, ask Greta. You're the only one I wanted." He says this last part with a wink. Greta rolls her eyes and answers, "We thought it would be better to have an even number of guys and girls. That must sound pretty weird... It's not what you think... um," she explains awkwardly. Then Dawson blurts, "We're not staying here with you no matter how much you want us to. We're not some little pets. In fact, you two are completely screwing with our mission right now." Xavier and Greta exchange a glance and decide to not reply to that. You all finish your meal in silence.
  11. Evening is slowly approaching, as you can tell from the window. You learn from Greta and Xavier that they are siblings after dinner is done, but while Greta is explaining this to you, Xavier gets very anxious and starts tapping her shoulder. "We need to go," he says quietly but firmly. Greta nods in understanding, and looks to you with a sad expression, "I'm sorry. We don't want to have to lock you guys in here, but if we didn't, you would leave, isn't that right?" You start to get angry and are about to give them a piece of your mind, but they are out of there before you can form your words. You suddenly wish you hadn't left your weapon back at the lodge. You hear jiggling behind the door, and know that it's probably being locked. You immediately look to all of the windows. They too are locked now. Even if you were to break them open, it is too long of a drop down... You sit down on the twin bed in defeat. There are two in here, thankfully, so Dawson sits down on the other one, right across from you.
  12. "Do you have any idea what they're doing? Why did they leave like that?" you ask him curiously. "I don't know, _____. Down below there's nothing but forest, stretched out a lot in each direction... I think we should break a window and try to get out," he replies. You shake your head, "It's a twenty-foot drop! Maybe more..." Dawson gets up and starts to look around the building. "I'm sure there's rope around here somewhere," he smiles mischeviously. Suddenly feeling encouraged, you help him look. There are chests full of many kinds of things in this home. There's a chest dedicated to jewelry (most of it pretty cheap, however), a chest dedicated to ornaments, and other chests dedicated to weird little things you don't even know what to call. Alas, none of them contain rope, or anything heavy enough to break the windows. On one of the bookcases, there's a curtain. You pull it aside to see... a dollhouse? Or at least, a shelf dollhouse. There are little beds and little tables and cups and plates. Even little dolls. These must be Greta's toys.
  13. Dawson comes up behind you and also examines the miniature pieces of furniture. "That's strange..." he mumbles. "What?" you query. "It's just... that little emblem on the bed blanket... I think that's the emblem of faeries." You stare at him for a moment, processing what he just said. "Huh? Faeries? That doesn't make any sense..." you reply. "It certainly is weird..." Dawson agrees. After about an hour of searching for a way to escape, you both realize it's futile. You might as well just get some shut eye.
  14. But then you see all these books above the dollhouse shelf, and a light bulb appears over your head. All it takes is just one glance, and Dawson already knows what you're thinking. You both grab a bunch of the books and start to flip through them super fast, absorbing all their information. One contains foreign herbal remedies, another contains short stories and rhymes. Dawson is the one who ends up finding a book all about faeries. It's quite thick, bound with dark green leather, and while examining it further you realize it's spine is handsewn. The cover prints what you assume to be the title in fancy, gold foreign letters... but under that is an English translation: An Introduction to Andriellan Faeries...
  15. Dawson leans over your shoulder quite comfortably while you page through the book, which is actually written mostly in English. In the beginning of the book, named "Part 1", it goes on to explain the folklore of Andriellan faeries... what's kind of freaky though is that in Part 2, it starts with this poem: Whoever reads this book in doubt / I advise you to close it now. / What lies beyond this here page / is written solely for those who crave / knowledge of the faerie culture; / for those who know it's not just folklore...
  16. "Do you believe in faeries?" you ask Dawson. He pauses for a moment to think about it and says, "I believe that there are things out there we don't quite understand. As far as we know, they could be real..." You nod in agreement. "So we aren't in doubt, right? We can continue." With that, you carefully turn the page... and what you see practically makes your eyes pop out of your head.
  17. It's a painting of... dead faeries. A TON of dead faeries, as if they were all murdered. You cup your hands over your face and push the book over to Dawson. He sits there in disbelief, looking at the painting. Once you've regained your composure, he starts to read the text below it: "The Massacre of Andriellan Faeries. You must understand, dear reader, whether you are a faerie or human or something else entirely, that Andriellan faeries were not anything like the traditional ones that have such a sweet reputation. They were quite the corrupt little things. They'd do anything to get what they desired. It was in their blood. Some of them would even go to the length of killing. Don't underestimate their small size; they packed the deadliest poisons. The people of Andriella grew sick of them. They were thought of as pests that needed to be annihilated. So the humans baraged the faeries and won quite easily, since they came in such big numbers. The Andriellan faeries had not been expecting it. As far as anyone knows... they were all killed in the massacre." Dawson takes a breath and a drink of water.
  18. He continues reading, "But something odd had occured many years prior to this event. A human explorer fell in love with a faerie, and created a potion for it. This potion made it so that the faerie could temporarily live in a human form. The two of them -- prepare yourself for what I am about to write--" Dawson stops. "It ends there. There's no more... Almost like, the author never finished writing it." You can't help but groan in frustration a little. Dawson shakes his head while looking at the book. "Why would they have a book like this? And why isn't it complete?" he asks mostly to himself. You have a few theories of what might be going on here, but are too exhausted to entertain any of them. You and Dawson put all the books back how you found them. Even though it's still quite early (about 8 pm), you are exhausted. It turns out that being kidnapped really uses up a lot of one's energy...
  19. You rummage through the dresser beside the bed, filled with Greta's clothes. You pick out your favorite, knowing she won't mind you borrowing them, and tell Dawson to turn around while you change. He smirks and rolls over on his bed, looking in the opposite direction. You change super duper quickly... but somehow you get the feeling that he peaked... maybe it's the way he's grinning at you as you get under the covers. "What?! Stop looking at me like that... Did you peak or something?!" you sputter. "I didn't see anything!" he laughs. "You're just adorable when you're nervous, _____."
  20. You blush and manage to squeak out a, "Thanks..." With that, you both fall sound asleep. Hopefully he doesn't do that sleep moving thing again...
  21. Sadly, you have nightmares about all those faeries. Why did the author have to make the painting so vivid? They should have put a "violent picture following" warning in that poem... >.> Anyway, you are so uncomfortable that you decide to wake up. You stay in bed, however, just staring at the ceiling. As you shift your glance over to Dawson, you see that he's stretched out like a little kid, and every now and then he snores a bit. You stifle a bit of laughter and almost fall back to sleep, when just out of the corner of your eye, you catch some weird movement. It came from the ceiling... Now you can definitely hear something. Fluttering? Like wings on a bug? "Trill..." you can just barely make out. "Brrum ring bing rrrr!" the bells quietly ring again... You get scared. Wondering if maybe it's zombie faeries, you pull your blanket over your face and try to block it out. "This must be a dream. This must be a dream," you repeat over and over. You aren't waking up though. This is not a dream. "Grrrreta, ringringring--" the quiet bells are interrupted by a fairly loud 'clap' as something hits the floor. Dawson scrambles up out of bed, and so do you. When you and him finally have some lanterns turned on... you see Xavier and Greta. But they aren't so big now.
  22. Hehehehe. Indeed that was a cliffhanger. XD I know there are still lots of things to be confirmed... but you'll have to wait until next part to find out ;) Anyway, which guy is your favorite so far? :D

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