Would you be accused of witchcraft in 1692?

Would you be accused of witchcraft if you lived in Salem in 1692? Haven't you always wanted to know? I know I have, so I did some research. Now, you can calculate your true witchy-ness with this handy dandy quiz!

Behaviors of so-called witches aren't so off from social norms today. So tell me, do you have a dark side? No? Well I have a 150 word count and I'm done(:

Created by: Lydia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have one or more female friends?
  2. Have you ever been in an argument with one or more of your female friends?
  3. Are you extremely rich?
  4. Are you extremely poor?
  5. Do you have 4 or more kids?
  6. Do you have 1 or no kids?
  7. Are you below age 11?
  8. Are you above age 75?
  9. Are you a midwife?
  10. Would one consider you stubborn?
  11. What about strange?
  12. Forward?
  13. Do you have a birthmark?
  14. Do you have a mole?
  15. Do you have a third nipple?
  16. Have you ever had spoiled milk/butter in your fridge?
  17. Are you/have you been sexually active out of wedlock?
  18. Have you ever daydreamed about having a soulmate?
  19. Ever written a crush's name in/on your journal in a cursive font?
  20. Ever worn your hair in braids?
  21. Ever committed adultery?
  22. Ever had a roundish haircut?
  23. Ever touched a pig carcass? (that includes bacon and ham, you carnivores)
  24. Ever worn clothes made out of different types of fabric?
  25. Ever planted different types of seeds in the same field?
  26. Ever had a religious vision in a dream?
  27. Have you ever danced in public before?

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