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Welcome back to Find The Wysteria! Last time, you all managed to finally arrest the cloaked girl, who you find out is called Evangeline, or Jelli for short. She gave the Crown back to Jules and is now in manacles, about to be taken into the building of law enforcement in Andriella! But you decided to do something crazy, and tell her about the Wysteria! How will she react to your idea of her joining you all on your journey?

More importantly, how will the rest of your friends react to this choice you made? Will they hate you for making it more complicated? Or will they understand and learn to have some faith that it will all work out? All the answers are to come! For this installment of FTW, the result you get will depend on the choices you make, and there is only one best path out of Andriella. Try to choose mostly the best answers, and you’ll be okay. Each of you must get out safely if you wish to make it to the Northern Woods…

Created by: rhimicha

  1. Jelli stands there in her manacles, her cloak tie loose around her neck, her hood hanging down. She ponders for a moment, deep in thought, while glancing at Jules. “I would love to join you all, but I’m afraid it’s probably not up to me…” she solemnly states. Jules is oblivious to her hinting behavior and Dawson gently elbows him in the ribs. “Dawson, ouch, what the heck-- Oh,” he realizes, turning to Jelli now. “Well, I mean. You did break several laws, Jelli. What am I suppose to do? Just not follow the law?” You whisper to Jules, “Give her a break. She’s the youngest of all of us, imagine if you were in her shoes.” Lucia asks your help really quick to put her hair up. What style do you put her hair in for her?
  2. Jules hmphs and sighs, before finally deciding what to do. “I suppose I could make something up, and just return the crown to the police here. They’ll make sure to return it to the King of Lux…” The City of Lights is the capitol of the Kingdom of Lux, which is the kingdom you are all in right now. Andriella is a neighboring city, so city keepers pass in between the two all the time. Jules goes on with a horse to return the crown and give some sort of explanation to the police there. He doesn’t say what excuse he used, but it must have been effective, since he says it’s okay to continue on the journey now. Before this, while you were all waiting, you are passed by several different wandering people, who will only talk to you if you ask them what’s wrong. Which one do you end up talking to?
  3. Alright, now that that’s done, you all are ready to go! Jules mentions how he should be able to purchase another horse once you reach Jaegerwood, where they have more horses available. After some debating, you all decide to let Jelli out of the manacles. You head out for the hills that lead there, the city renowned for education and military training in the Kingdom of Lux. The hills are filled with all sorts of animals, flowers, and even food that’s growing. Now to brush up on your survival skills! Which of these do you pick to help you on your journey? Remember, you are still only a novice, as you have only been studying plants since a little while before you left home…
  4. Lucia asks Jelli more about herself during the trip. “So who was that lady that you were living with back in Gregory?” she asks. Gregory is the small town outside of Lights that you met the old lady in. “Oh, Priscilla Anne… she was someone who took me in about two months ago… I liked living with her. I helped her out around her house. She fed me and bought me some new clothes. I was almost dead when she found me in the marketplace…” Lucia smiles and nods, “Well that’s fortunate! She seemed kind of creepy to me last time we saw her. But mostly just because she kept muttering to herself like a madwoman.” Jelli laughs, “Yeah, she tended to do that a lot. She was a strange lady. She’d always tell me how she knew she was going to meet me before she even met me. I chalk her behavior up to old age, sometimes.” You all need to refill your water canteens. Where do you fill them up next?
  5. “So how exactly did you steal the Crown?” Lucia asks her. You all listen intently for her answer. “To be honest, stealing it was planned. I knew it would be on display for the festival, so after it was over, I disguised myself as a city keeper. I offered one of my homemade elixirs into a lemonade to a guard there that made him sleepy and disoriented, and then said it needed to be cleaned, upon the King’s request. And it was that easy,” she giggled. Jules mouth agape, he says, “That is unacceptable security on our part... Thanks for showing us our weaknesses, I guess, at the very least…” Jelli smiles and says, “Hey, maybe that could be my future profession! Security tester.” Jules shrugs and replies, “You never know.” You need to take a break. Caldwell and Dawson are chatting together a bit further away, while you all sit down on some flat rocks that you use as seats. You wonder what they’re chatting about, since they haven’t really ever been friends before… What do you do? And I know, I know, you wish you could just let them be. But you’re a curious teenage girl! That’s not gonna happen.
  6. It turns out, they were just talking about their pasts with one another. They talked about Belphegor, and you overhear Dawson mention how he was born there. This surprises you, as you have heard very little about the Kingdom of Belphegor until only recently when Dawson mentioned it to you. For some reason, you thought maybe his parents were taken there, not that they originated from there. You wonder to yourself how he left that place… You only really know of the Kingdom of Lux, since the schools in Silkwood only mention other places briefly, and they don’t call Belphegor by name. They just call it the foreign land. Your father had mentioned to you a couple times about how there’s other places in the world that are not as fortunate as this land, but you never thought about it much until recently. Anyway, you need to eat something or you’re gonna pass out! What do you eat?
  7. After taking that short break, you continue on a long dirt road after getting over the hills. The land is relatively flat now, but still no Jaegerwood in site. Just lots of tall trees on either side of the road. You trust you are heading the right direction though, because Jules says he has visited this area many times. You ask him about how many more days he thinks it will take to reach the entrance to the Northern Woods. He says he’s not sure, as he’s only ever traveled by carriage before, which is much quicker. On the side of the road you happen upon a mysterious vendor who claims he sees visions of future education topics. He had a vision of something called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If you answer correctly what subject you think it concerns, he will give your group a free pack of energy elixirs.
  8. You all continue on with your new energy elixirs. Jelli and you are the ones walking now, since you both got to ride on the horses for quite a while. She whispers to you quietly, “So it’s kind of strange how we look alike, huh?” You laugh and nod in reply, “Yeah, I’ll say. I mean, we aren’t identical, but we sure are similar. You sure you’re not my long-lost sister, or something?” You can’t help but wonder if maybe that’s what that old lady, or Priscilla, meant earlier… “Not unless your father is a drunkard who abandoned you when you were 5 years old, too,” Jelli chuckles. You frown and look at the ground as you walk. “No, that doesn’t sound like my father at all. My father doesn’t like alcohol… Do you know anything about your mother?” Jelli shakes her head. “I think she died shortly after she had me. I was a complicated birth or something. I only remember my dad vaguely, but I remember him hating me for it.” This saddens you so much that you stop abruptly and give her a hug. Her eyes widen and she doesn’t hug back, but she doesn’t push you away, either. Jelli asks you about yourself once you start walking again. Do you tell her more, or decide to stay secretive?
  9. You and the gang have made it into a little town that comes before Jaegerwood. There is a small café where you all decide to let the horses rest, since it’s been a few hours since you set out. You tie them up outside and let them drink from the horse trough, and give them some food. Do you go inside the café, or just hang outside?
  10. Now you have to leave in a hurry!! A big, burly man comes after you, chasing you all down with a pitchfork while yelling obscenities at you all! Is he the owner of the café? You wonder this as you’re running away with everyone else. Jules manages to get everyone on a horse somehow, even though it’s a bit dangerous and crowded (3 people on each horse), but you just hold on for dear life. If you hadn’t hopped on, the man surely what have caught up to you and Jelli. You all gallop away on the horses for as long as you need to in order to lose sight of him, then come to a trot. “Me and Dawson can take our turn to walk, now,” Caldwell offers. “I can’t wait until we have another horse. Or even a carriage! How awesome would that be!” you fantasize out loud. Jules smiles sadly. “I would love to buy a carriage for us, but unfortunately, even I am not that rich. At least, not at the moment…” You can’t help but notice how stressed out Jules seems lately. Nervous, even… Do you ask him what’s wrong?
  11. “Man, that was crazy! What was that guy’s deal??” you ask the group. Jules shakes his head and explains, “Some people in Andriella have gone a little bit mad. It’s not an uncommon occurrence around these parts. Usually, I travel with a lot more secur-“ he pauses for a moment, as if stumbling over his words. “Security. But anyway. We’re fine now, we just have to remember to be a little more cautious now.” You want to zone out and daydream for a while. What do you daydream about while you ride the horses? You are currently on a horse with Lucia, right now, in case you were wondering. You’re the one steering, and no, you can’t choose not to daydream, because remember, despite being a heroine, you still have your silly moments xD
  12. You snap out of your daydream when you reach a bit of a cliff. A good thing, too, because it’s about a 30 foot drop! Jules leads you all down a path to the side made just for horses and carriages to reach the bottom. Suddenly, you start feeling sick to your stomach. “Ooof. I don’t think I can ride anymore. I need to get off this horse,” you groan. Caldwell notices immediately and asks what’s wrong, and how you’re feeling. “I feel like my lunch is about to come up,” you reply bluntly. He helps you down off the horse and holds your hand while rubbing your back. “I’m sorry. Here, I have some medicine that tends to help motion sickness. It’s most likely just from that.” He reaches into his satchel to grab it, but as he pulls it out, a photo of a girl with short red hair and blue eyes pops out with it. He didn’t seem to notice that it fell. You point it out to him. “Oh, goodness,” he mutters, all flustered. “My bad…” How do you ask him about the girl in the photo?
  13. “That’s Vivian, an old friend of mine…” Caldwell explains. “She’s not in this kingdom anymore. But enough about that! Here, take this medicine with some water. It probably won’t take effect for quite a while, so try to walk slowly. I can walk with you. Maybe eat just one cracker after a few minutes.” You nod and smile at him, amused at seeing him so flustered over a girl. You’re just so used to seeing him calm and collected. Dawson remains nearby, looking at you all concerned. “Maybe we should slow down, anyway. We’ve kind of been gunning it these past few hours,” he suggests. Jules agrees and you all decide to just set up a little area to rest, hidden away in the trees. You are super relieved at this, as you don’t think you can continue walking at all without puking. You lay down on a blanket with Jelli and chat with her about what she had planned to do with the Crown. Apparently, she had planned to sell it on the black market in the Northern Woods, and that was why she had been heading in the same direction as you all.
  14. Jelli answers your question, and the rest you figure you’ll ask her later when there’s more privacy. You thought it might rain earlier, but you see that those clouds have passed, and now it’s quite sunny out. You shield your eyes from the sun with your arm and doze off to sleep for a little bit. When you wake back up, only about 20 minutes have passed, and you see the boys have started playing a card game together. Lucia and Jelli are playing a drawing game. You want to play cards. Which game do you want to suggest to the guys once they’re done with their round?
  15. You figure that card game would be best, since you’ll have to be leaving soon. You start with Caldwell. But since he’s never played that game before, he loses, so it’s Dawson’s turn next. He beats you at it since you and him played it together before a lot and he seems to have better luck at it than you. He plays against Jules but Jules wins. Jules seems to be skilled at such a variety of things. You remember how he said he’s been to Jaegerwood multiple times before. You wonder how much more there is about him that you don’t know… Anyway, you guys have a little bit more time to rest before setting out again. What do you choose to do next?
  16. You all realize that it’s time to go now, after relaxing a while longer. After about twenty more minutes of traveling, you finally reach the heavily gated entrance of Jaegerwood! Ah, but did you actually make it to this point? Whatever choices you picked up until now will decide that! Go on to see your results! *No effect*
  17. Alright y’all, this installment was a little bit different! I like to switch up the styles of the quizzes every now and then >:3 Let me know if you enjoyed it! I know last part I said it would be like a week before the next part, but I just couldn’t help myself I guess! Try to peak at each result if you would like, for there are little tidbits about the story in each :)

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