How much of a snoop are you?

Being curious is a normal instinct we have. There is nothing wrong with it. People often appreciate the fact that you know what is going on. But are you too much of a snoop or don't have any interest in what's happening?

How much of a snoop are you? Do you always have your nose in other people's business? Until now you could only assume. Take this short, fun quiz to find out your result.

Created by: ange
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  1. You're walking down the street and police cars speed past you, sirens are blarring!What is your first thought?
  2. One of your close friends has not been at school ALL week. What do you do?
  3. A girl you know from schol/work passes out on the side of the highway. When police come and find her, she acts extremely violent towards them and breaks one of their noses. Whay is your first assumption?
  4. You just got your exam marks back. Conrats, you just got 100 pecent!!
  5. The guy you've had a crush on for ages sees you at the beach. He's with his group of hot mates, tanned, abbs, shirtless! Woohoo!! What do you do you say to him?
  6. There is a new guy in your class! He is sitting by himself, looking nervous/shy. What do you do??
  7. Do you usually know all the hot goss??
  8. You walk into the school bathroom. You can see under the door that there are 2 people!You hear strange noises.
  9. One of your peers suddenly loses weight. They look fab!
  10. Are you fast to find the bottom of the story?

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Quiz topic: How much of a snoop am I?