How Big of a Snoop Are You

Come on admit it you are curious about the private lives of your friends, co-workers, family. But how far would you go to find out what they are up too? Who wins the battle of privacy vs curiousity?

Do you respect privacy or are you one to snoop just a little ? How about snoop a lot? Ever curious about what your co-workers are up to on the net? Ever wonder how much your boss makes? Find out how big of a snoop you are.

Created by: Imp

  1. Have you ever stayed on the phone and listened to a phone conversation after the other parties thought you hung up?
  2. If one of your coworkers left their pay stub on their desk where you could see if without getting caught, would you look?
  3. Do you look through your significant other's cell phone when they leave it laying around?
  4. Have you ever logged into someone elses email account or myspace and read personal messages.
  5. Have you ever looked through a co-worker or boss's desk at work while they were away
  6. Have you ever looked into someone's medicine cabinet when you used their restroom?
  7. Have you ever looked through a neighbors garbage can
  8. Have you ever checked the history on someones computer to see what sites they have been going too?
  9. Have you ever went to the store to pick up photos you had developed and looked through other people's pictures?
  10. Have you ever sniffed panties left on the floor or in a clothes hamper at someones house?

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