How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect and friendship. It is important that both people in a relationship feel that they are equal partners.

How healthy is your relationship? Take this quick quiz to see if you are getting the respect you deserve or if you are in a potentially dangerous situation.

Created by: TurningPoint
  1. You and your girlfriend have plans to see a movie tonight. You tell her that you are going to hang out with some other friends for a while and will meet her at the theatre at 9. During the three hours you are apart, she.
  2. You get along well with your siblings and enjoy spending time with them. Your boyfriend:
  3. You go shopping and buy a new dress. The first time you wear it, your boyfriend says:
  4. You and your girlfriend are having dinner at a fast food place and you accidentally spill your soda all over the table and onto her lap. She:
  5. You are at a party and are talking casually to a guy from your biology class. Later, your boyfriend.
  6. You have your heart set on going to a prestigious college and are heartbroken when your application is rejected. Your boyfriend,
  7. You and your girlfriend are deciding how to spend the first day of summer vacation. You want to go to the lake and she wants to see a concert. She:
  8. You are so busy working on a project for school that you forget all about your date with your boyfriend. When he comes to pick you up and finds you in your sweats, he:
  9. When your boyfriend talks about you to others, he refers to you as his:
  10. Your boyfriend/girlfriend gives you gifts:

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