Are You A Relationship Hog?

Relationships aren't easy, in fact, they're hard. As opposed to what some say, 50/50, a positive and healthy relationship is GIVEN with 200% accuracy. Each GIVING 100%. This quiz is based on or more of the answers given are true responses from a mate in a relationship. He is apparently a relationship hog. But the correct answers lie within one's heart.

Best Answer Example: Your mate leaves before a holiday. You should wake up, help load the car, kiss them and make sure they know you will miss not being with them.

Created by: Paula
  1. You are watching t.v.. Your mate is cooking dinner. Your mate asks you a question. How do you respond?
  2. You call your mate on the phone, you tell them about all of your workday events but add nothing personal. Just before hanging up you:
  3. You are a member to several dating sites before meeting someone. After dating for 4 months you still haven't cancelled the accounts and still talk to some of your contacts. Your mate questions you about it. You response is more like which?:
  4. Your mate spends the night with you and has a very important meeting the next morning. The alarm doesn't go off and your mate wakes suddenly realizing the meeting starts in 20 minutes. They are panicked getting out of bed. Your reaction is:
  5. A holiday is upcoming and you know you will not be spending it with your mate because you are each visiting your families. The morning your mate is leaving you are together, but they have to leave much earlier than you. Before they leave you:
  6. You are riding in the car with your mate and they make a remark wondering what neighbor has bought a new boat. You're reaction is more like:
  7. You are having a bad day. You snap at your mate but when they react in a negative manner and an argument escalates, your response is:
  8. You have an older a/c unit that produces icicles. Your mate just got out of bed and you ask them to turn it off. They turn the knob the incorrect way, but corrected the direction. You know the knob isn't working properly, they don't. You:
  9. You drive a larger vehicle that consumes more gas than your mate. They live 25 miles away. Your mate has lost their job and can't afford to come see you. You decide:
  10. You and your mate have had several arguments in the recent past. They are avoiding you because they don't like conflict but know to work things out you really need to talk. When you finally get the chance to spend time together, you:

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Quiz topic: Am I A Relationship Hog?