How Long Will This Relationship Last?

~ PLEASE READ THIS IS IMPORTANT ~ This is a quiz, a long one too, that calculates your relationship capability with your partner right now as it is. This is not accurate and therefore don't take it directly to heart. Like many of the quizzes on this site it is for pure entertainments purposes only. However be as truthful as you can be.

There are 4 results that gets displayed to you upon finishing this quiz: Chances of Marriage: This tells you how good of a chance you will have to be married to this person Is it love: This tells you if you are in love with them Timeline: How long this relationship will last Comments: Comments about your relationship.

Created by: searchin'

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  1. "If I had nothing in this world but you; I would still have everything." How much do you agree to this quote in terms of feelings towards your other person?
  2. You act like yourself around them.
  3. You believe that this is love.
  4. You would do anything (as in ANYTHING) for this person?
  5. You trust them with your LIFE (as in everything and anything possible in your thoughts or possessions)
  6. You would risk everything (as in EVERYTHING) for them.
  7. If in order for them to be happy you would have to sit on the sidelines of their life (meaning you are not directly in their life), would you comply for their happiness?
  8. You would give them everything (not only in a materialistic term)
  9. They want you to change the way you are or vice-versa in order to be accepted.
  10. You are IN love? (Think of this)
  11. You trust them
  12. You want them to be happy.
  13. You want them to be happy before you are happy?
  14. Sex drives the relationship, meaning without it the relationship might not be together still.
  15. You're happy around them.
  16. You enjoy holding hands and like to as much as you can.
  17. You in this relationship purely because of the other person's looks.
  18. If they became fat, ugly, out of shape, and disfigured; would it change your view of them as a person and perhaps make you break apart.
  19. Do you want or have had premerital sex?
  20. You think that they are "the one"
  21. You enjoy holding one another in each other's arms (ie. Cuddling). If you don't hold each other answer as if you want to.
  22. If you broke off forever and almost never saw or spoke to each other you think it might just kill you.
  23. What is your ideal gift?
  24. What is this person's best trait that is most appealing to you?
  25. Ever been in an uncomfortable situation with this person? What was it.
  26. How are things started in your relationship? Who is the first to bring them in?
  27. Which one of these words best describes them?
  28. What would you be like right at this moment if you have never met them?

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