How Strongly Do You Trust God

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*CHRISTIAN TEST* This is a quiz that can help you determine how much you really trust in Jesus. We all have struggles in our walk, but sometimes it's good to check ourselves and see what we need to work on in our relationship with Him.

Please note that this is not an end-all quiz. This is *definitely* my take on trusting God. You will change over time and will likely not see the quiz the same way if you take it again. Most importantly, have fun! May God bless you!

Created by: ForeverSurrender
  1. How sure are you that God exists?
  2. Do you pray when you are in trouble?
  3. Do you pray when times are good?
  4. How about when times are bad (not necessarily when you're in trouble, but just when things aren't going well)? Do you pray then?
  5. How do you respond when you receive a blessing?
  6. How do you feel when God is taking away something you were enjoying/using?
  7. How often do you pray for something for yourself?
  8. How often do you pray for other people?
  9. Do you believe you have carnal desires more often or spiritual desires more often?
  10. Have you ever felt God lead you through a situation?
  11. How do you feel about the world/society?
  12. How do you feel when faced with trials and problems?
  13. How do you handle temptation?
  14. How do you feel when the enemy attacks?
  15. How often do you attend religious services?
  16. How often do you read Scripture?
  17. Has God ever spoken to you through someone else?
  18. Has God ever spoken to you through Scripture?
  19. How often do you go through spiritual attack?
  20. How close do you feel to God?
  21. How much does it bother you that you cannot physically sense God?

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