Y6-9 What SPIRITUAL WORK of MERCY are you?

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The SPIRITUAL WORKS OF MERCY are directed towards THE NEEDS OF THE SOUL. We must care for the bodily needs, but remember that our friends and family have spirits that need knowledge, patience, forgiveness, etc. Your WORK in this world is to take care of these needs in others as Jesus would do.

Jesus DID all of the SPIRITUAL WORKS and asks us to be His hands and feet and eyes and ears as we do them too. Each time we forgive, counsel, bear wrongs, pray, etc. we act as Jesus.

Created by: Kathleen of SFDSWorksofMercy
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  1. When you think of helping someone 'spiritually' what do you think you can do?
  2. Jesus said we are to do these works in order to get into heaven. All are important. Which is the MOST IMPORTANT one to you?
  3. Of the gifts God has given you, you think you are BESTat:
  4. The EASIEST Spiritual Work of Mercy for you to do is:
  5. If God gave you a power over all people, you'd like it to be able to:
  6. You have a million dollars to create ONE ministry at SFDS. Which one would you do?
  7. Which SPIRITUAL WORK is MOST important to do?
  8. If you are going to Reconciliation on a Saturday, which of the following would DON'T HAVE TO CONFESS as a sin, because you DO THIS WORK?
  9. The one Spiritual Work of Mercy I would have the HARDEST time doing is:
  10. You like to be around kids who:

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Quiz topic: Y6-9 What SPIRITUAL WORK of MERCY am I?