How Biblical is your religious doctrine?

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Religion has made a mess of the spiritual sides of our lives. How confusing it can be to try to do what God wants. The only real solid foundation we have is God's oun Words, as He breathed them to His prophets.

So do you know what the Bible says about our spiritual lives and what God wants? Are you willing to trust your eternity to the advice of some man or group of men? Or are you depending on what God Himself has told us and preserved for us? God bless you!

Created by: Marty

  1. How many Gods are there?
  2. Earth and the Heavens
  3. Jesus
  4. Holy Spirit
  5. Heaven
  6. Death
  7. Salvation (Going to Heaven)
  8. Sin
  9. Hell
  10. Baptism
  11. Prayer
  12. How do I get to heaven?

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Quiz topic: How Biblical is my religious doctrine?