Who Said That? The Dear God Edition

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There are tons of interesting characters in the Bible. Most of them did something noteworthy or they wouldn't make an appearance. Sometimes, they didn't say things that they should have, given their situation.

Can you figure out who would have been the biblical character most likely to have said the following 10 things? Take the quiz and see if you can guess what they should have said.

Created by: grawitch of Dear God
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  1. "OK, Jesus! Here I go! I'm going to walk on water."
  2. "Boy, those lions really needed breath mints!"
  3. "Hey, Esau! I made your favorite stew!"
  4. "Rachel, you know Jacob doesn't like to eat dinner before 6pm."
  5. "I should never have eaten that fruit!"
  6. "Goliath is big, but my God is bigger!"
  7. "Baptizing people was great, but was it worth losing my head?"
  8. "OK, men! Make sure you bring comfortable shoes when we get to Jericho!"
  9. "Oh, Samson! Could you hand me those scissors please?"
  10. "My coat is way more stylish than yours."

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