Just the Beginning Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of Just the beginning! In this one you get to see Matt again after 2 years of not seeing him :o If anyone has character ideas please tell me in the comments!

Welcome to part 3 of just the beginning! In this one you get to see Matt again after 2 years of not seeing him! :o If anyone has character ideas please tell me in the comments! Now read on ;)

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. (*Your POV*) I wake up in a dark room with Garrett standing over me. "What do you want!?" I snap. He looks at me steadily. Not looking at me with the gentle playful eyes I remember, but with eyes filled with determination. "We need you." he tells me. "No. I'm not going back and you know it." He sighs and looks at me, annoyed. "Skye please. Do you want people to die?" he snaps at me. "If I try to help, they'll end up dying." I turn away to look for a door. "JADE!" Garrett yells and grabs my arm. I jerk away from him, "That's not my name" I say coldly. I see a door and I walk out. Only to run into a ghost. Or is it a ghost? Because all I see is Matt...
  2. *Matt's POV* I run into Skye... Its been so long. She looks at me, scared. Her eyes start to fill up with tears and she blacks out. I know she thinks it's all her fault. I wish she didn't, I wish we could be together like I always wanted. But she'll never want that now.... Not that she met Jason. Cause he's the only one who can help her. Right now I'm useless.
  3. *Jasons POV* I look around for Skye. She said she would be at school today... Maybe she's sick. I grab my stuff and head to her house. I knock on the door, her mom answers. "Uhm hi, is Skye home?" I ask. She glares at me, "No she's SUPPOSED to be at school, just like you are. Now go away" "Yes ma'am" I nod and walk away. I have to find her. Because if anything happens to her, my world would be over.
  4. *Matts POV* I see Skye wake up.And I quickly start talking. "Skye it wasn't your fault. I know you think its your fault but ITS NOT. If anything its my fault for not telling you about your dad sooner. I -" She leaps forward and kisses me, she quickly pulls away. "Okay 1. Shut up for a second. And 2, sorry about just kissing you.." She says. "Well hello there sleepin beauty" I say, that was the first thing I said to her on the morning all of this started... She laughs, "I should be saying that to you!" I smile. "By the way don't say sorry about the kiss cause I reallyyyy liked that kiss" I tell her. "Oh my gosh dude just shut up" she says while laughing. Looks like everything might be back to normal. I close my eyes... Guess I was wrong, everything will be normal...except Jason
  5. *Garrett's POV* I listen to Matt and Skye, through the door and have to admit, I'm kinda jealous. I thought me and Skye had a thing going but all that changed when she left. I never thought it would be 2 years. But maybe its best if we stay just friends. She can focus on her training more... But I'LL be training her.
  6. *Jasons POV* I start looking for Skye in the woods behind her house. Hopefully her mom doesn't see me. I hear a noise and I turn around, "Is that you Sk-" Its not Skye, but its something I should probably run from. All around me there's
  7. CLIFFHANGER!!! Haha sry :P
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