Just the beginning Part 5

Welcome to part 5 of just the beginning! Last time Jason told you he has powers so lets see what's going on this time! Also please tell me all ideas and suggestions that you have!

Welcome to part 5 of just the beginning! Last time Jason told you he has powers so lets see what's going on this time! Also please tell me all ideas and suggestions that you have! Now read on :)

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. *RECAP* You wake up in bed with Jason. Your about to go back to sleep when he tells you he has powers. Haha bet your wondering whats going on right? Good!
  2. *YOUR POV* "Wait, what?" i ask, alarmed. Jason sighs and sits up. "Okay, last night before you came in, i started to move a chair and when I picked it up it broke in half." he tells me. I sit up and look at him alarmed at the situation. I take his hand and he looks at me. Then i twist his hand a little and he grimaces. I close my eyes and concentrate. Suddenly pictures and thoughts start flooding through my mind. I scream and quickly let go of his hand. I feel like all the energy has been drained out of me. The room starts to go blurry as i start to fall into unconsciousness. "SKYE!!" i faintly hear Jason yell. I fall onto the ground and black out.
  3. *GARRETTS POV* I hear a crash and run to Jason's room. I see Skye on the floor, im guessing she slept with Jason last night and i have to admit im a little jealous. Which makes me even madder at Jason. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" i yell at him. "I don't know! She took my hand and closed her eyes and all of a sudden she screamed and blacked out!" he tells me. I turn around and see Veronica standing behind me. "It must be a new power shes unlocked" she whispers to me. I nod and look at her on the floor, thinking what could possibly have the power to do this to her. Veronica and Jason help her up carefully and set her on the bed gently. Veronica beckons to Jason to follow her and they go outside quietly. I sit beside the bed looking at Skye. Everything about her is beautiful. The way her blue eyes sparkle like the ocean. Her brown hair falls around her shoulders like a copper waterfall. Being with her is almost to much for me to bear. I know i love her, but does she love me back? I look at her laying there, and i gently pick up her hand. But i should already know, I don't even have a chance.
  4. *JASONS POV* Veronica leads me outside quietly and we sit down on a bench by the door. "I want you to tell me what's going on and now." she says firmly. I don't know if I can trust her. But maybe they could help me. For now I'm not sure. "Nothing, Skye just held my hand and something happened." I tell her. Which was partly true. She squints and looks at me and I can tell she doesn't believe me. "Wait don't you and Skye have to still go to school?" She asks suddenly. I leap up, alarmed. Skye's mom will be worried, not that my mom would notice if I was missing. "I totally forgot, We need to get home soon. Can you try to get Skye up?" I ask nervously. "I'll do my best" she promises and goes inside. In the meantime I need to figure all this out. And fast.
  5. *SKYE'S POV* My eyes flutter open and I look around the room, my head is pounding and I groan. "I thought you'd never wake up." I hear Garrett say. I look over and see him standing beside me. I slowly sit up and smile, "Yeah well I'm a strong girl I guess." I say and he laughs. "By the way, Jason's waiting outside for you. Apparently you have to get back home. We'll do training later" He tells me in a firm voice. "Okay" I say softly. This isn't the Garrett I used to know. Not the playful blue eyes or the cheesy jokes he made. This Garrett has changed, and his loyalty could change too.
  6. I get dressed and find Jason outside. "You ready?" He asks. I nod silently. How can I do this. Its like living 2 lifes. I'm expected to do so much. And I'm gonna have to choose between all of this. Living a normal teenage life, or having powers and helping people. Which could also mean letting the people I love down. And I don't know if I can do that.
  7. *DONNY'S POV* I see Skye walk in with the new kid and immediately I'm filled with anger. I'm getting back at her, I might not know how yet, but I will. And when I do, I'll make sure it will ruin her. She passes by and glances up at me. I narrow my eyes. If she won't go out with me, I'll make her.
  8. After class I follow Skye, she sure is going a long way from her house. About thirty minutes later she walks up to a house. A few other teenagers come out. And what they're doing is impossible. I get out my phone, and hit the record button. Its time for revenge.
  10. Please comment ideas and suggestions! Sorry this was a little short!

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